Winter cheerleading fundraisers ideas


Some people believe that autumn is a prevalent time to host charity events. It is the best time to execute mass gathering events like running, walking, and swimming. However, many experts believe that winter is, without a doubt, the most important season for non-profit organizations. It is the perfect time to generate funds, especially to your school’s cheerleading group or sports team.  Here are the best cheerleading fundraisers ideas:

Having sufficient funds for each team member is very crucial. It is because the school needs to support the young generations to achieve their dream to become the champion. They are considered the heart and soul of the school. Therefore, we need to raise monetary funds through fundraising activities.  For the best fundraising ideas, check out Fundraising Zone.

To help you gain the required funds for your team, we gather some list of winter fundraising ideas. These winter parties and events are specially intended to raise the budget needed for the school’s cheerleading group. So without further ado, let’ start sharing those ideas with everyone!

House Tour

Coordinate with your friendly neighborhood and start making a house tour in your community. This idea will make the winter season even brighter. It is because you can share some funds to the school’s cheerleading group using a house tour.

Brag to other people by showing your most beautiful home interior design. You can sell tickets as their entrance fee and token for the home treats. Tell your cheerleading squad to serve food and drinks for each neighbor that goes inside your home.

Gift Wrapping Service

Host a one-day gift-wrapping service to your community. Invite all your cheering squad and sports team to serve as the volunteer to the event. Explain to them that the collected funds will be used to support their travel expenses and competition fees.

You can partner with a local store or set up a gift-wrapping booth outside your school.

Stock up different materials for gift wrapping using paper, tape, scissors, and a ribbon. Charge

a minimum fee for every gift that needs to be wrapped or donate some cash for the group.

Indoor Workout Activity

During the winter season, most of us want to stay at home because of the freezing weather outside. Prevent this laziness feeling and start to workout with your friends and loved ones.

You can set-up a one-day workout session or yoga class inside your school gym. Charge a participation fee for those who want to experience the healthy benefits of the workout. You can team up with your athletes, especially your cheering team, to help them improve their strength, flexibility, and muscle coordination. You may also invite your colleagues who are willing to be the fitness instructor.

Lastly, don’t forget to sell some food supplements and energy drinks before and after the workout. This simple trick can gain lots of additional cash flow for your schools’ organization.


Select the five best Christmas songs everyone loves. Together with your pep-squads, arrange a practice session, then head out to your community to showcase the gift of singing.

Form your team into two groups. One group is assigned to sing while the others will play musical instruments. Tell them to wear Christmas accessories like Santa hats and Santa beard. Once everything is ready, you can start to roll-out the party!

Since your team is a cheerleading group, put some twist by creating some dance moves while singing Christmas songs. This idea is a sure way to entertain your audience. Finally, pass your Santa hat to receive their kind donations.

Winter Dog Parade

Gather your friends, classmates, and neighborhoods to show off their beautiful dogs and host a winter dog parade. Provide exciting prizes for the biggest, smallest, and most obedient dogs in your community. Demand a fee to enter the event, or you can take photos for each pet and try to sell them to participants.

Silent Auction via Online

This event is ideal for the holiday, especially for the big guys. You can solicit various items from your friends, families, and relatives. Next, post the said items online and start making a private virtual holiday auction. This auction is intended only for your community.

To access the said private page, you can charge a considerable amount for each member. You can gain exclusive access to the silent auction. All the collected funds will go directly to the bank account of your school association.

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