What are the best cheerleading fundraisers?


Every girl in their pre-teens up to their teenage years wanted to become cheerleaders. Their reasons for doing so vary; starting from normal extra-curricular activity, added credits for their grades, build camaraderie and friendship, achieve popularity, or just simply doing because there is nothing better to do to pass the time. Whatever their reason is, cheerleading normally gets funds from the host school. What if the school does not have enough funding for this activity?  At this point, it is time to consider cheerleading fundraisers

That is what this article is about. By reading through this article, you will learn various ways to raise funds for your cheerleading squad. This is especially helpful if you need to shoulder the costs of making your own uniforms and other expenses like transportation and whatnot. Interested? Read on.For help with your cheer fundraising, visit Fundraising Zone.

Tips in raising funds for your cheerleading squad

1. Doing various services for the community

This is where the traditional mowing the neighbor’s lawn and cleaning their cars come in. There are a lot of services that you can do in your neighborhood which would allow you to get some extra money. This would also include babysitting, gathering old newspapers, cans, and plastic bottles then selling it at your local junk shop, tutoring preschool kids, doing some chores for your parents and/or neighbors, and a lot more.

You can solo these activities or get the help of your friends and family members. This will also instill the value of teamwork in their hearts and minds. Doing these activities will not only earn you money but also provide valuable life lessons as well.

2. Selling candles

Candles have many uses and you would not see a single house without any candles in them. After all, these items illuminate the surroundings in your house should there be a power failure. Some also use them for various activities like a romantic dinner, for making the place smell good when using scented candles, and even provide inspiration and ideas just by looking at their bright, yet flickering lights.

Your cheerleading team can take turns in gathering the resources for making the candles while some of them are making the candles themselves with the help of an adult. Profit from selling candles may be small but once you get a steady amount of orders, everything will fall into place.

3. Raffle ticket sales

This technique normally happens outside the school since not all schools allow raffles in their premises. Your team can purchase any item to serve as a raffle prize so that people would try their luck at winning them. These prizes can be anything from gift certificates, homemade items, pre-loved gadgets, and many more. Ticket prices may vary since you need to calculate the profit that you will gain considering the prices of your prizes.

You and your friends can go around the neighborhood offering these raffle tickets while telling them the draw date. When the draw date arrives, you can organize a party-type gathering that has items made by you or your team for sale. That would also provide additional funding for your cause.

4. Selling out baked goods and pastries

Nearly every girl loves to either cook, bake or both at the same time. These hobbies can come in handy when you need to raise funds for your cheerleading activities. You can ask your friends to join in since they could learn a thing or two while baking or cooking. Your team will then go to school and sell them to your teachers, coaches, and fellow students. Who knows, you might even use this as a stepping stone for a cooking or baking career in the future.

You can also go around the neighborhood and sell your baked goodies. If you have the means, you can also sell them online. Not only will you get funds for your cheerleading activities, but you will learn valuable lessons about entrepreneurship as well.


There are other ways to earn money for your cheerleading activities but these are the easiest ones. The important takeaway from doing these things is that you will learn valuable lessons that you can use in life and day-to-day activities. Aside from earning, you and your friends will have a sense of responsibility and learn the value of earning and saving money. These will help you as you face life while growing up.