Which Water Hose Fittings Do You Need?


A basic watering setup may need several water fittings to work right. Unfortunately, these fittings come in a variety of types that may be a little confusing if you are not sure what you need. You would need the fittings to connect your portable appliance such as a dishwasher or a washing machine, or a hose to water your lawn or kitchen garden. Here are some of the common fittings and how to use them effectively for your hose connections.

Old Semi-Permanent Fittings

Before the design of the quick-release connectors commonly used today, there were hose joiners that were hand-tightened using a threaded plastic ring. These fittings are still in the market, but most people favour the quick-release types. When purchasing these fittings, check both the inner and outer diameter of the hose to get one that fits properly. If you have a threaded tap, these are the best connection fitting for your hose.

Double Male Connector

A double male connector allows for a temporary connection of two hoses when you use it with a hose connector. It works in cases where you need to extend the pipe so that it can reach your destination. Some come with threading and ring for ease of connection.

3-way Connectors

You need a 3-way connector when you need to separate water distribution into two different destinations. The splitter creates a leak-proof connection while ensuring that water is distributed with even pressure at both outlets. In addition to checking the pipe’s diameter, be sure to pick the right connector for your type of a hose. For example, a rubber water hose may not work well with a metal 3-way connector.

Quick Connector with Auto Shut Functionality

This water hose fitting has a valve system to shut off the water when connecting or disconnecting a hose. It is made to allow quick hose connection and disconnection without having to shut off the water from the source. Both ends of the connector are male and get onto your hose with ease. It also has a ring to hold the hose in place. Some types have tapered ends for the ease of fitting. However, they cause reduced capacity in the connected pipe.

There are various hose fittings for various applications. Most modern ones have a quick release or auto shut-off feature. Pick the fittings that match the diameter and material of your hose for ease of connection. Besides, go for high-quality fittings that do not damage the hose and offer durability.



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