Common reasons to call a plumbing service


There are a few contractors you should have in your phone book should an emergency happen and one of those contractors is a plumbing service.

Plumbers are the guys you call when you clog your toilet, notice water leaking from your toilet, have a clogged drain, or have any sink issues in your kitchen or bathroom.

When to call a plumber

Once a year it’s important you have a plumber complete an annual maintenance review for your home or commercial property. During this maintenance appointment the plumber will:

  • Check all toilets on the property for leaks or broken parts
  • Double-check your water heater is working properly
  • Empty your garbage disposal, if you have one
  • Check drains are properly flowing and not clogged
  • Review pipes and drains on the exterior of your home
  • Replace any parts that are needed, with your approval

If your annual review has already passed and one of these issues arises, you should call a plumber to help. It’s ok to have them inspect your property more than just once a year.

Other reasons to call a plumber include:

You have a running toilet that won’t shut off – For both economical and convenience reasons, this can put a damper on your household life. It’s important to get a professional plumbing service to come fix any toilet that won’t stop running.

Your pipes are leaking – Not only does this create water spots in your home, but that water can also then seep through the floor and cause rot and further damage. Not to mention, the water leaking could be wastewater which is very dangerous to your health.

You have very low water pressure – There’s nothing worse than trying to shower with no water pressure. Contact a plumber if you notice your pressure is no longer coming out as strong as normal.

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