Coded Welding Courses and Training Explained


Welding is a precision science which needs accuracy and the right instrumentation. People who need to venture into this profession ought to get the right training and experience. Any mishap in production may lead to a catastrophe and casualties. In general, engineering gives structure to a plan, while welding actualises the structure into a product. Coded welding awards provide the confidence to you customers that your fabricators are the best in their field.

Top 5 Elements to Consider when Looking for Coded Welding Training


The training must incorporate all important welding concepts. Critical among them is the ASME IX procedure. It helps in creating symmetrical measurements and provide accurate shapes of any welded product. The course can also have some refresher topics to handle technological advancement and other emerging welding trends in the profession.


The type of training and equipment used are capital intensive. The tuition fees must be commensurate with the type of training offered, and the content must be relevant to the actual mechanics. Bigger institutions apply economies of scale to price their course fairer. The costing of training should add value to the experience gained.

Testing Criteria

These are the criteria used by the trainers to evaluate the preparedness of the student for the job. Among the criteria is the BS EN ISO 9606-2:2004. This gives the trainee the ability to understand fusion welding and joints. The procedure is internationally recognised and gives it validation in numerous jurisdiction. Others in the same categories include the BS EN ISO 24394 and BS EN ISO 14732.

Customising the Course

We aim to provide businesses with the exact training that they require. We offer corporate training that orient, test and update the workforce skills on welding. This versatility shows the level of preparedness and multi-faceted the course is. Customising also comes in teaching non-technical aspects of the coded welding course. Activities like fire prevention exercise, body posturing, business administration and clothing gears are also important.

Level of Experience in Training

The number of years a training centre has existed could give a rough idea of the calibre of service they offer. A leading coded welding training provider gives the following surety to prospective customers: –

  • Its graduates are tried and tested.
  • The faculty has experience in handling the course.
  • Coded welding courses are approved by the relevant authorities.
  • They have the facilities and equipment needed for the training.

The Benefits of the Welding Training

There are stages in training; beginner, intermediate and advanced. The standards used in the BS EN ISO procedures certify the trainees to work anywhere in the world. For corporate training, there is an assessment to gauge the skill level, before creating bespoke sessions to address the problem to the required standards.


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