Why a Berkey Shower Filter is important.


If drinking straight from tap water makes you uncomfortable, then by now, you must have your own Berkey water system at home. Drinking filtered water gives you a sense of security. For more information on Berkey shower filters, visit the official USA Berkey website

Say, you don’t remember the last time you replaced the filter. Do you know that this filtered water can be worse for your health than drinking straight from the tap water?

Today, we are going to talk about how drinking purified water is more beneficial than drinking tap water. Here is what you need to know if you’ve been using your water filter properly to protect yourself and your family.

How safe is tap water?

The US Environmental Protection Agency is assigned to set the standards for drinking water. This agency regulates over 80 contaminants that are found in tap water. It includes chlorine, lead, arsenic, and e-coli. EPA announced that approximately 90 percent of the public water systems in the US have already met the standards. However, even with this data, you still need to filter your water to ensure the safety of your family.

Assessing your tap water

If you’ve been hunting for water filters to suit your family’s needs, you will know that a one-type-fits-all water filter does not exist. Each filter is designed to eliminate a specific contaminant. To save money when buying one, you need to know the contaminants present in tap water with the help of some research.

Sweetwater LLC founder, James McMahon, says that the majority of people make the wrong purchase decision because they skip water testing. As a result, they end up buying water systems that are not fit for their household and do not make their water any safer.

You can always refer to the Consumer Confidence Report to start with. This report entails the crucial details where your drinking water is coming from and what type of contaminants are present. It also reveals the level of pollutants in the water and compares it to the national standards to see if anything is alarming.

However, if a private well is your source of drinking water, the EPA does not regulate it. You need to test your water every year. We recommend doing it in late spring because pesticide runoff will reach its peak. It is also the time when you notice any changes in taste and odor in your water.

Finding the safest water filter

There is a wide selection for water filters that are available online. You can find it in different sizes and shapes. There are pitcher filters, integrated refrigerator filters, under-the-sink filters, whole-house filters, and faucet filters. You need to know which type of filter will suit your family’s needs.

Take a look at the EPA report again. Now that you know what type of treatment they use to the water before sending it to the household, your main goal should be finding a filter that can eliminate the chemicals that the local utility uses during the treatment.

Sometimes, data for these chemicals are not available in your EPA report. For this matter, you need to ask your local authority if they are using chlorine. It is the culprit for many chronic diseases such as respiratory problems, neurological harm, and damages to the circulatory system.

If the report states that there are only two contaminants found in your water, it is recommended to use a small unit that you can put in your kitchen countertop.

But if you are dealing with serious water safety issues, we highly recommend buying a multi-stage filter. It can remove a lot of contaminants. This type of filter is a combination of different types of media that are needed to remove these harmful substances.

Always look for the label

Most experts would recommend you to look for the NSF International label. It is a nonprofit organization that conducts safety testing for water industries. The NSF will also certify water filters if it meets the safety standards. You will even know if the filter is effective in removing contaminants once it has the label. It is recommended that you buy water filters that adhere to the NSF standards.

Make sure to read the label properly because NSF issues different certifications. The label should certify that the water filter is capable of removing contaminants in your water supply. There should be a “UL Water Quality Mark” for added peace of mind.

Using filters to drink water

Filters can be expensive. You need to pay for the upfront and maintenance costs. Sometimes, it consumes a lot of energy. Filter cartridges are nowhere near recyclable. However, throwing away several filter cartridges compared to throwing away several plastic bottles every day, the former is a better option. It can help you save both your money and the environment at the same time.

It’s high time you stop buying bottled waters for your household needs nor use tap water for drinking. Over time, you’ll realize how much money you can cut from your monthly bills if you start using filters.

The water treatment system in the US needs a lot of improvement. Since we are talking about your family’s health and safety here, it is crucial to take action into filtering your water on your own and not relying on the public water treatment. The water system can be costly, but its advantages outweigh the upfront cost you’ll need to pay.

Water filters, when used properly, can work wonders. It will decrease your risks for various illnesses that are brought by drinking unfiltered tap water. It is also a safer choice if you have children, as kids are more susceptible to catching viruses and bacteria.

Not only that, but you will save a lot of money in the long run. Imagine not buying bottled waters every day. You can use the budget for bottled waters for more essential matters.


Drinking purified water from your own Berkey water system at home is highly recommended. Gone are the days when people trust their tap water to drink directly from it. Now, you need to protect your family’s health more than ever. And you can only do it by carefully choosing which water filter is most suitable for your home. You need to take your time researching to come up with a smart investment decision. In your home should be the healthiest water that your family can consume. To achieve it, you need to find the perfect water system.

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