Tips on Cleaning Your House After a Flood


Floods can be devastating. Everything you worked hard to build could get flooded in just a snap. If you suffered from a flash flood, you might feel hopeless. Before you think that way, you should try changing your perspective. Start by feeling grateful that you survived the tragedy. If it’s a severe flood, dozens of people could end up dead. It would help if you also started to clean up the mess and rebuild your home. It might be heartbreaking, but it’s the only way to move forward. As you begin picking the pieces up, these tips will help you.

Shut off the sources of gas and electricity

You could get electrocuted if there are live wires all over your house. You need to turn off the power source first before you start cleaning. The entire house is still wet and flooded. Don’t forget to turn the gas off too.

Wear protective gear

Flood water may bring bacteria and viruses that could infect you. Make sure that you wear appropriate gear before you start cleaning. Wear boots to keep your feet from getting wet. You should also use gloves to protect your hands. Since there could still be some falling debris, you have to wear a protective covering for your head.

Take a photo of your house

For insurance purposes, you need to take a photo of how your house looked like after the flood. Don’t touch anything yet. You need it to file insurance claims. The pictures will serve as evidence of the extent of the damage. If the insurance company has other requirements, you have to comply.

Remove standing water

If there’s still water trapped inside the house, you have to remove it first. It’s easier to clean up when the area is dry. You can also shovel the mud out. Look for an outlet to allow the trapped water to leave your home.

Identify items that you can no longer use

If you have soaked items, they’re most likely going to be useless. Remove them from your house. Place all the things you can no longer use on one side for disposal. Once you identify the things you can’t use anymore, you can rent a dumpster. Partner with Fort Lauderdale dumpster rentals to provide a dumpster where you can dispose of everything you can’t use anymore. Don’t hesitate to let go of all items you can no longer use since there’s no point in keeping them. They will make your house messy and disorganized. Besides, you want to rebuild. Remove anything that could remind you of this horrible tragedy.

Use appropriate cleaning agents

Once you start to clean, you need to use cleaners with disinfectants. You don’t know the microorganisms washed into your house due to the flood. However, you need to look at the material you’re about to clean first. The use of incorrect cleaning agents could cause further damage.

Starting over after a flood is difficult. You have to be patient and optimistic. You can gradually pick the pieces up until you can rebuild your home.

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