Is Oral Surgery Safe For Pregnant Women?


Even the smallest health problems seem difficult to deal with and avoid during a woman’s pregnancy. Additionally, medications may be taken during this delicate time, but given the need for anesthesia, x-rays, and antibiotics, surgery becomes highly questionable. 

Thankfully, a minor surgery can still be performed if you are expecting, but a more involved procedure might not be recommended. In this situation, if you seek consultancy for oral surgery, you can visit a dentist in Upland, CA, and gain more information regarding this topic through our post.

Can Pregnant Patients Undergo Oral Surgery?

Pregnant patients can undergo oral surgeries in most cases. Furthermore, oral surgery will keep your overall health in check and ensure both you and your unborn child are healthy. Certain oral issues like mouth tumors can hurt your health and need to be treated immediately. But keeping in mind the health of the unborn baby, it is advised to undergo oral surgery during the first and second trimesters of pregnancy since you will not be sedated if you are 4-6 months pregnant.

However, some pregnant women experience more sensitivity than others during their pregnancy. Therefore, it is best to consult with a doctor before going for oral surgery.

Can I Get My Wisdom Tooth Removed During Pregnancy?

You can remove your wisdom tooth during the second trimester of your pregnancy, but if you are in the third trimester, then it is best to avoid any surgical treatment to keep your unborn child out of any risk. 

Since the removal of the wisdom tooth will require x-rays and the use of sedation, it becomes risky for the unborn baby. Furthermore, wisdom tooth removal should not be done in the first trimester to avoid any hindrance in the growth of the unborn child. 

However, pregnant women experience more discomfort in wisdom teeth due to increased blood flow and go for a removal surgery. It is best to get the surgery done within the second trimester under the dental surgeon’s advice and take painkillers, antibiotics, etc, with your physician’s advice.

What are the dangers of sedation during pregnancy?

Sedation is not recommended during pregnancy as it affects the health of the unborn child in the womb and causes fetal respiratory acidosis, myocardial depression, etc. However, it is safe to give sedation to pregnant women during the second trimester in most cases, whereas the first and third trimesters are considered dangerous for the health of the unborn child.

Make sure you speak to your dentist and get your questions clarified if you are pregnant. 

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