Get Found Or Get Lost!


“Googling” has become a verb and it means using a search engine (not necessarily Google) to find something. Google plays the role of matchmaker very well, connecting those who are looking for the goods and services of a business to those businesses that can fill the need.

With Google, your customers can be from anywhere, as can your competitors. They need not be local. If you seek out only those customers who already know your business or who are local, you are excluding thousands of potential new customers.

Whether they are located near each other or thousands of miles away, Google can make the match. Keep in mind, however, that if Google can bring new customers from all over to your business, it can also bring your competitors from all over to your customers.

Even if you have a small, local business, you can now easily have customers from anywhere by developing an online presence and letting Google bring those who want what you can offer to your virtual door. While the goods and services for some businesses must be local and in-person, for many others, the location does not matter at all.

For the magic of internet searching to work, an attractive and compelling website is required.  That is the first step. Next, it is necessary for your website to be found. And to be found by humans, your website should appear in the first few pages of search engine results pages. The closer to page one, the better.

Search Engine Optimization (or SEO) is a time-tested approach to assisting sites to be found easily in Google searches. Landau Consulting, a New Jersey SEO company which does consulting in internet marketing and SEO services offers this infographic to help your website get found instead of getting lost.

Get Found or… Get Lost! infographic


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