Three Things all Tech Repairers Should Keep in their Toolkit


Want to be ready to repair anything? Then you better be ready to get technical.

The digital world is becoming the new normal. We have been saying it would happen for years now, and then Covid-19 hit, and everyone is suddenly working from home. Extreme turbulence across all sectors of industry has meant that the commercial and retail worlds are on their head. There is one business still going strong post-pandemic, though, and that’s the world of tech repair. 

Technical repairers are making money while the economy grinds to a halt for most other industries. While most are struggling with paying the rent, repair guys are one of the few sectors that are on the rise. 

With this in mind, we wanted to add our expert advice into the mix. We’ll talk specialist tools in a moment, but first we want to cover more of that 2020 jump. The tech market is a great industry to get into right now if you can.

What’s happening in Tech?

The world of retail sales jumped experienced some 30% growth during 2020 – and the sale of laptops skyrocketed. By the end of the summer months, it was near impossible to get a laptop anywhere, as it was announced that people should work from home where possible. 

In short, the pandemic has turned capitalism on its head.

3 Tools for Easy Tech Repair

All things considered, none of this change what techies should be carrying in their toolbox. Try some of these on for size and see if they don’t save you some cash.

1 – Sugru Moldable Glue

This was the world’s first ever brand of moldable glue. The idea is that you use it by molding it to the shape you need it to be and sticking it to whatever it needs to stick to. Once done, leave it to set for 24 hours. Afterwards, it will set into silicone rubber. It will be waterproof, strong, and will last for years. They even have a clear version that you can use to solve a crack in your mobile phone’s glass.

2 – A Magnet

Although you might not know this, most IT tech repair people have a standard magnet in their kit. Why? You have no idea how many times a day you can drop a screw. It can help them open and close things, reset things, and much more… but mostly a magnet is in the toolbox for all those items dropped inside open machinery…

3 – Thermal Paste

One that you might not have heard of, thermal paste is used in computer repair because it goes on as a paste but retains conductivity. It is often applied to a processing unit before a cooling solution is applied. This ensures as much heat as possible can transfer into the cooling solution, therefore making the unit cooler.

What’s in your Kit Bag?

Are you an IT technician? What do you keep in your toolkit? Let us know on social media and feel free to share for your mates.

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