All about wool carpets


Wool carpets carry the reputation of being centuries old carpets. Wool Carpets are known as a synonym for luxury and comfort. These are prevalent types of carpets till up to date. Even though now you can buy synthetic carpets at much lower prices and versatile designs – the popularity has never grown less.

Wool as fiber can withstand heavy traffic pressure easily; it has aesthetic value and excellent appearance. There are lots of properties which make it popular and common in every household. It is natural and incredibly long-lasting. If you are looking for wool carpets and want to know more, here are all about wool carpets.

Types of wool carpets:

Wool carpet is a natural material, but with technology now, we can also buy synthetic carpets. Here are two kinds of wool carpets commonly found in the market:

  1. Pure Wool Carpet:

Handwoven, pure wool carpets are made from the wool of sheep. Every country has its source of sheep.  India, China, and Pakistan are famous for pure wool carpets in Asia. Pure wool carpets are mostly handwoven they are rare and costly. With the technology, they are introduced to modern dying and unfading colors with skillful trims and knits.

  1. Synthetic Carpets:

Wool fibers are mixed with artificial materials like nylon to manufacture carpets. Synthetic wool carpets are a bit less expensive and provide wool-like comfort and warmness. The drawbacks of synthetic carpets are; their colors can become fading, and they are not anti-allergic.

Benefits of Wool Carpets:

If you are looking for benefits of purchasing the wool carpet, here are a few of them:

  • Durable:

Carpets are not bought daily, and it is quite a mess to change them every six months, so it is necessary to purchase something durable and elegant. Wool carpets provide you all. It is the best choice for heavy foot traffic areas. It is resilient, which means wool fiber retains its original form after heavy traffic. It is strong and robust.

  • Isolating Features:

Wool has outstanding isolating features, and it will keep your room warm and cozy in winters.

  • Comfortable:

Wool fibers are soft and fluffy, and whenever your feet touch the carpet, you will feel comfortable. It is soft to touch and provide ample relaxation.

  • Aesthetic:

Wool carpets are beautiful and provide a nice view of the eyes.

  • Natural and eco friendly:

Wool is natural and environmentally friendly. Wool fibers are also stiff to catch fire.

  • Hypoallergenic:

Wool does not let dirt trapped in fibers, so there are fewer chances of getting allergies. There are no chemicals involve that also waves away any cases of allergies. Wool is also water repellant.


It is costly but seeing its durability in the long term; it proves to be economical. Stains are hard to remove but using the right method also solves the problem.


Wool Carpets are, no doubt, one of the best choices. All you need is little care regularly and enjoy your comfort for years.

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