In Defence Of The Beach: 5 Reasons To Visit An Outdoor Bar In Singapore


5 Reasons To Visit An Outdoor Bar In Singapore

Most people think of Singapore as a financial district where tourists should immerse themselves in the bustling city, shopping districts, and hawker centres to try delectable dishes that give a sneak peek of their culture & heritage. However, visiting Sentosa to drop by a beach bar is worth your time, and here are the reasons behind that seemingly atypical choice for a tourist.


Here is one somewhat ridiculous response I heard from an acquaintance: Why go to a beach in Singapore when Bali has better ones that attract more tourists? While that may be true because people flock to the island for different reasons or never add it to their itineraries, I still brought my friends from America because they have always loved the breeze and sun, and the place did not disappoint!


Fun fact, there are different beaches in Singapore, such as Siloso, where a beach bar is always a good idea or in Sentosa, where you are close to touristy stuff and beach resorts. With that, my friends and I had options to choose from, which I loved because I picked something that matched our personalities and what we enjoyed. There is something for every type of tourist in the world!


Good food is always an option wherever you go. You will crave hamburgers in the States, sushi and sashimi in Japan, delicacies in Thailand, and whatever is popular in the culture and heritage of a country. What we loved about visiting an outdoor bar in Singapore was the mixture of good views and delectable food. Imagine having lunch amidst the refreshing breeze and the bright rays of the sun: That was one for the books!


Some beach destinations are chaotic and packed with both tourists and locals, while others offer a more laid-back experience that appeals to relaxed souls. Of course, we are more inclined towards the latter because we see travelling as a relaxation unless you define it as seeing different people and interacting with them. What we loved about going to Siloso for a beach bar was the atmosphere because everything seemed slow and calm.



Singapore is a small nation that you can probably tour around in one day, which we loved because it is easy to get in and out of the city from Sentosa when we visited a beach bar. It was much more different from other countries where you might need to arrange a private transfer to the natural attractions (which sometimes takes an hour or more by car) because you checked in at a hotel in the city, such as Bangkok and Manila.

An outdoor bar in Singapore is and will always be worth your attention. Whether you are a local, someone from a nearby country, or a tourist travelling from the other side of the world, you will appreciate the refreshing breeze and all the wonderful things it has to offer. Visit Bikini Bar if you wish to have an exciting time, and check their website for more information.

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