Honda Or Hyundai? Which Automobile Brand Provides More Features and Variety?


Honda Motors is a Japanese company established in 1948. It has a long successful history in the automotive industry, producing the best Honda cars. Hyundai, on the other hand, is relatively young in comparison. It was established in 1967 in South Korea and has slowly but surely been cementing its place in the competitive automotive industry.

Let’s put different elements of the vehicles from both the companies’ head to head and compare them against various aspect and see which one is better than the other.


Price is a determining factor for most the people. While, both the companies offer competitive pricing and fall in an affordable but high-quality vehicle, one outshines the other.

Hyundai Accent is one of Hyundai’s economical vehicles. The starting Manufacturer Suggested Retail Price (MSRP) is around $15,395, and the 5-seater car is inclusive of the standard safety features and has 13.7 ft of trunk space. While Honda Fit, Honda Motors most economical vehicle’s MSRP is $16,190. While the most inexpensive SUV by Honda is the Honda Pilot at $31,650, which is less than the Hyundai Palisade at $31,975. As the difference is not by much, it is clear that Hyundai has the most economical options compared to Honda Motors.

A warranty is crucial for a car, as the wear and tear can be quite pronounced and in case of accident or failure of performance of certain elements can result in major accidents. Honda Motors is known for its reliability and therefore offers less duration of warranty than that offered by Hyundai. For Honda Civic 2020 the basic warranty is of 3 years which covers around 58,000 Km while Hyundai Accent 2021 the basic warranty is 5 years which covers around 96,560 Km. Hyundai Accent also offers 3-year maintenance for 58,000 Km. This is not offered by Honda Motors.

Winner: Hyundai.


Honda Motors produces around twenty-four different vehicles ranging from SUVs and crossovers such as HR-V, CR-V, Passport and Pilot, to standard sedan cars, such as Accord and Insight. It also produces Coupes like the Civic Coupe and hatchbacks like the Fit and Civic Hatchback. It is also known for producing minivans including the Odyssey and trucks, namely, Ridgeline.

Hyundai on the other hand only has sixteen models. These include sedans such as the Elantra and Azera, and also the coupes such as the Genesis Coupe, and the Equus. It also produces compacts and hatchbacks which include their Accent and Veloster. Hyundai is also known to produce crossovers and SUVs, Tucson and the Santa Fe Sport, and Hybrids and Fuel Cells such as Sonata Plug-in Hybrid

 And Tucson Fuel Cell respectively.

 Winner: Honda Motors.

Safety Features

Both cars take the safety of their drives and passengers very seriously. Because of this, they have included a multitude of safety features in their vehicles.

Honda Motors’ vehicle, such as the Civic, the Accord and the Passport, all have adaptive cruise control. This nifty feature is great for long drives. When you put the cruise control on, it automatically detects the distance between it and the vehicle in front and adjusts the speed to maintain it. Meaning, it either accelerates or decelerates the speed to make sure the distance is kept uniform and the driver doesn’t have to manually adjust. Another Honda safety feature is the lane-keeping assist system. This feature helps to ensure the vehicle is in the middle of the lane. If it senses that the vehicle is moving out of the lane, it gently steers the vehicle and brings it back to the middle of the lane. Some other features include a forward-collision warning system that lets the driver know if there is an incoming collision and a road departure mitigation system.

Hyundai has a smart cruise control that is similar to the adaptive cruise control and also has a lane departure warning system that is also found in Honda. Hyundai vehicles also have a blind spot detection with rear cross-traffic alert. This feature helps you to increase your vision clarity by allowing you to see your blind spots and also is let you know if there is someone right behind you when you are reversing.

Winner: Honda.


While Hyundai’s vehicles may be cheaper on average, Honda Motors vehicles have a higher standard when it comes to safety and more variety of choices, so you can choose the vehicle that best suits your needs. That is why Honda Motors wins overall.

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