Six Fundraising Projects for your School Development


A school is an institution established to help enhance the child’s capabilities. So technically, the school needs a strong foundation to support the basic needs of the students. However, to maintain a high standard, PTA or Parents and Teacher Association need to find a way to raise funds and, at the same time, bring the community together. It is because we need to involve the community as a whole together, from students to teachers, and business organizations to build useful charity events.

Here are six fundraising projects that your entire school will love and are sure to generate funds.

1.School Color Fun Run Event

Setting up a school fun run is a sure way for the entire community to join the event. It is because the fun run is viral and a perfect way to promote a healthy lifestyle. Parents, teachers, and friends can donate some admission to participate in the event. You can search for a sponsor to give printed t-shirts to wear during the whole race.

To make the fun run event even more interesting, you can include colorful spray paints or water paints throughout the entire course of the race. This action will add to the fun experience of each participant.  To learn more about the best fundraising methods, you can check out Fundraising Zone.

Arrange a cool prize for the winners so that everyone will keep motivated, especially if you are planning to host a fun run event next year.

  1. Cash from Caps

Students always love to do things out of their comfort zone. So, we need to capitalize on this moment and start making funds. Inform the students to donate one dollar in exchange to wear a hat during school days. This activity is straightforward to generate money for the school, and the students will love it. Also, tell your school administration and your co-teachers to show off their beautiful hat collection in exchange to donate some funds for school projects.

  1. Gift Basket Raffle Event

You can combine the basket raffle ideas for any event. The mechanics are very simple, pick a theme, and participants will buy tickets for a chance to win the gift basket. You can select any item such as groceries, chocolates, or even a wellness spa. Parents must buy a ticket first and place them in a jar, which corresponds to the basket they want to achieve. A card will draw randomly out of the pot, and the lucky winners will receive the ultimate prize, which is the gift basket.

  1. Donor Wall Event

Check a massive wall in front of the school. Then assign this wall to some business companies who can buy this space to paint their logo. You can also select a brick wall and allow the parents and other community members to write their names on each brick in exchange for a donation of some monetary funds for the continuous improvement of the school.

  1. Create a Video Event and Sell DVD’s

Smartphones are trendy nowadays because of the continuous development of technologies. However, parents don’t want to experience watching their child’s event in school through their phones. So, gather your colleagues and create a photo and video team to record all the highlight events in your school. It includes sporting events, JS Promenade, graduation ball, or dance performance. You can edit the entire video and can produce an outstanding video quality that you can save now on DVDs and, later on, sell it to family members. Parents will appreciate it because they want an old school style like a keepsake, and children will love to playback these videos when they grow up.

  1. Teacher Talent Event

It’s time to show the hidden talents of your teacher. Create a talent show that will highlight the skills of your teachers. Charge an entrance fee for the audience and tell them all the collected donations will be used for the upgrading of school facilities.

You can incorporate students along with their classroom adviser to create a duo act, and it will be an excellent fit for everyone. To make the talent show even more fun and exciting, create an icebreaker dance number featuring school management. That includes the principal, guidance counselor, and school administration.

During the event, prepare some foods and sodas for accommodating the urge of hungry spectators. This effort will bring additional funds to your school.

Producing extra money through charitable events is indeed essential nowadays. It will generate good projects for the continuous development of your school and, at the same time, creating a stronger relationship between the students, teachers, and community members. So, have a wonderful time raising money for your kids’ school.

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