Christmas Gifts: The Right Way to Gift a Car


People do buy cars for Christmas gifts. Before you head to the used car dealers, there are some things to keep in mind if you plan on gifting a vehicle.

Don’t Surprise Someone with a Car

As romantic as it sounds, it’s not the best idea to surprise someone with a car. You can’t easily return a car if a person doesn’t like it. Cars lose value as soon as you drop them off and luxury cars will drop in value even further.

Buying a car, even for a gift, should take place after a conversation that is happening for a while between you and who you are buying the car for.

The surprise won’t be so much in the vehicle itself but instead that you took initiative and saved your loved one the hassle of shopping for a car.

Don’t Take Them to the Used Car Dealers to Shop

Buying a car isn’t retail therapy because most of the time buying a car is not a fun process. Once you know what your loved one wants, you can do all the negotiating ahead of time.

The deal should be done when you get to the dealer so all you have to do is impress your loved one with the car, sign the papers, and drive home.

You May Not Be Off the Hook When It Comes to Other Gifts

You may think that this takes care of your holiday shopping. Since it’s hard to just surprise someone with a car, chances are that the car is purchased before Christmas Day.

On Christmas, you don’t want to be empty-handed when you receive a gift. The excuse of “you already got the car” may not cut it with everyone.

The gift by no means needs to be expensive or fancy but something small will do the trick. Don’t make the gift related to the car.

Getting a car can be risky but it pays off if done carefully. You aren’t really giving someone a car but instead taking the stress of buying a car off of his or her plate.

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