Look for the best Choices in Pleasing Men


It is not easy to please a man, we may read all the articles on the question but we always come back to the same point: how to do it? This article does not pretend to give you the miracle recipe to find a man, please him and keep him, but it contains tips to help you achieve your ends, to consume without moderation. So want to know how to please a man? Here are the options for you. 

Pleasing a man by staying distant

Don’t rush headlong when a man approaches you. You have to make yourself desired and let it show off a bit before showing that you are also interested.

Obviously, when we say “stay distant” we don’t mean that we should ignore it, but it’s a matter of common sense.

Look after your appearance to please a man

When Jules says he likes “natural” women, chances are he doesn’t hear the same thing as you. We agree, a “natural” woman is a woman with dubious hygiene, with a greasy hair who wanders all fur outside in her lattice overalls with holes. Well no gentlemen, no, what you call a “natural” woman is not a “natural” woman. Go for the Best sex toys for men there.

To please a man, don’t be passive

The days of old school cruising are over: if Carrie, Samantha, Miranda and Charlotte said so, it’s true. Know how to go on the offensive when a representative of the fairer sex hits you in the eye, take the lead, show that you are a strong and determined woman.

Be smiling and open: the key to pleasing a man

If, like me, you are in favor of the slightest effort, you are likely to think about it if I tell you that a smile only actuates 7 muscles while a pouting mine actuates more than 20. In these circumstances, it is better to uncheck your most beautiful smile and stop the look Isabelle Adjani, it only works with it, and again.

Work on the gestures

Be feminine, feline and know how to distil signs of your interest in your interlocutor. Do not hesitate to seek physical contact by placing your hand on hers for a few seconds. On the other hand, no need to lie on your lap, it slightly lacks subtlety.

Favor humor

Man who laughs half in your bed, or almost. Men will always prefer a woman who makes them laugh, already because we are less bored, but also because it takes a sacred dose of humor and sense of derision to live with a man: they watch their backs.

Be resourceful

Obviously you are not asked to unclog the carburetor of the car or to open up the microaccelerator of the washing machine. Already because a carburetor or microaccelerator does not exist, but also because you are not McGyver. Illustrate yourself by touting your mastery of road map reading or by telling how you managed to find a homestay at 2 am in Amsterdam last year. So many stories that will arouse the admiration of your interlocutor.

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