Pemko Threshold For Sale  


A threshold is a very crucial factor for the energy efficiency of a building or home. It has various purposes in the doorway and can be improved or even replaced if it’s not adequately performing its job. It’s beneficial due to the changes in the weather as it provides a seal underneath the door and protects the cold in winter and heat in summer. The Threshold also protects the interior from rainwater which otherwise could be seen in the entry area.

Other than this, a threshold is a barrier to keep pests and unwanted infected out that could help to prevent diseases. Therefore, here is the right Threshold that will help you to save your money and time.

Over the years PEMKO has been a key manufacturer in weatherstripping products. They have expanded their product line into a full line of architectural products which includes thresholds. PEMKO offers smoke-labelled, sound tested, skid-resistant products that fulfil all the needs and requirements of the customers. They have an extensive list of residential and commercial thresholds which are listed below:

  • Half Saddle Thresholds

These thresholds are commonly used when there is an irregular floor surface. These shapes are mostly required when a carpet or tile is on one side.

  • Thermal Barrier Thresholds

These are designed in a way which helps eliminate hot temperatures from one side to another.

  • Eco-V Thresholds

Eco-V thresholds are designed in such a manner that facilitates the insertion of the carpet in the side of the Threshold and is ideal for high traffic commercial installation such as offices and hotels. They are created by using soft products in comparison to their competitors.

  • Heavy Duty Thresholds

These are designed for high weight-bearing and high traffic applications such as schools, industrial buildings, cafeteria and hospitals. As it is extra thick and ultra-durable, it can bear high humidity and coastal conditions.

  • Residential thresholds

These are specifically designed to catch any water that may run or blow under the door and is then returned outside through interior weep holes.

  • Interlocking Thresholds

Interlocking thresholds are perfect for preventing moisture from entering the doorway. It has a seal at the bottom of the doors to prevent air and infiltration of the water through gaps.

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Choosing the right Threshold is essential as not every door threshold works with a different type of flooring. To improve the temperature control feature and to improve your home Pemko Threshold is here to fulfil all your requirements and provide you worth for the money you spent. They have a wide variety to offer which not only meet with your floor requirements but will also help prevent diseases and secure your home.


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