Tips to Maintain Polished Concrete Floors at Home


Most of the commercial establishments prefer to maintain polished concrete floors, so that it creates a better impact on their clients. All these polished floors may last for much more than 10 years, if you can take very good care of them. Most of these floors hardly need any kind of repair work.

In order to maintain a glossy appearance of such floors, it is necessary to keep many things in your mind. All these floors will need a regular maintenance that will include cleaning by using proper tools etc.

In case, you fail to take enough care of your polished concrete floor, then not only you may lose your warranty, but also it may result in damage too. With little bit of effort and proper planning, you may quickly form certain schedule that you are easily able to follow, in order to keep your floor durable and shiny.

FlooringDomain can offer complete solution for finding flooring stores and choose best flooring materials and cleaning products for flooring tiles available all around Australia. Following are few useful tips that can be handy for maintaining polished concrete floors in your premises.

  • Follow proper maintenance schedule

It is always necessary to prepare proper cleaning schedule for the polished concrete flooring. Depending upon the traffic that you are going to receive on your floors and how often you receive maximum amount of traffic, the amount of dust, sand, and much other debris may settle down on your polished concrete.

If traffic is more, then dirtier will it get and hence your frequency of cleaning needs to increase.

  • Choose right cleaning products and tools

Besides regularly cleaning your polished concrete floors, you must also use right products and tools for polishing the concrete floor, so that cleaning remains long-lasting. You can clean your polished concrete floors either manually or automatically.

In manual cleaning, you must sweep all the debris out of the floor by using soft dust mop. You can also use suitable cleaning liquid and clean your floor manually.

If you want to clean with automatic equipment then there are automatic machine available for floor scrubbing.

  • Avoid using damaging chemicals

Often people used wax for their polished floor for keeping it safe. However, it must be strictly prohibited, because wax may cause irreversible damage in your floor surface. You may also lose your warranty by applying wax. Also, when you will remove the wax, then it may leave dull finish on your floor, and ruin the entire appearance and appeal of your flooring.

Also avoid placing adhesive tape or use abrasive chemicals, which can damage the polish.

  • Address the issue if floor making noise

Due to heavy traffic on your floor, make sure that your floor do not cause any noise. In case you ever observe any noise then you must try to address the issue as early as possible.

  • Avoid using heavy equipment on floors

Also, make sure that you do not allow any heavy equipment on your floor which may also kill the floor polish in longer run.

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