Wildlife Photographer Paradise


There are many people who choose to turn their hobbies into a profession such as collecting antiques, being travel bloggers, hunting and many more. As the invention of smartphones rose, many people use its camera to become even a photographer. However, the amount of content being posted on social media varies and the majority of people are looking for ways to increase their creativity. Some people are now using their smartphones to become a wildlife photography traveler. This content is to educate all new wildlife photographers, where to travel and how to become a better hunter of pictures with their phones.

Whilst, wildlife travel photography can be a fun profession, it can become frustrating as it requires a perfect camera that could capture high-quality photos, a smartphone with a slow-motion feature, widescreen, speedy access to the internet and back-up of memory storage. All of these are basic requirements to become a wildlife photography traveler. As well as immense interest in wildlife animals which is not hard to be fond of because anyone would love to capture rare sightings of penguins hugging each other or a lion roaring.

Hunting with a camera can become easier with the help of a rechargeable battery and an external smartphone camera lens. The best portable and rechargeable batteries are MAGFAST and iWalk Extreme. MAGFAST is recommended because of its approach to being super durable and long-lasting as it could charge multiple devices wire or wireless. As per iWalk Extreme, it’s useful because of its size as it could comfortably fit anywhere and weighs less than a pound. On the other hand, external smartphone camera lens is essential to capture the best wildlife pictures. Some of these recommended lenses are Bitplay AllClip, Olloclip, and Nelomo Universal. Bitplay AllClip is famous for its clip-on access to any smartphone ios or android, moreover, it is cheap and captures premium HD pictures. Olloclip is another under $100 camera that is available to any smartphone photographer, it captures the essence of the photo with the wide-angle technology. Olloclip is available for both android and ios. Nelomo Universal is an excellent smartphone camera lens for the photography enthusiast, it designs to be compact and reliable. Nelomo Universal is suitable for beginners and especially for those who want to take pictures of wildlife animals and have a restrictive budget; as the price of this product is only $27.

According to influential photographer Chase Jarvis, he suggested using five basic rules of photography while taking pictures of wildlife animals. Stand very still is the first skill because it allows a photographer to capture the moment without distracting the wildlife. Secondly, standing still will prevent a photographer to take unfocused pictures. Jarvis added that lighting plays a vital role in taking wildlife pictures because it creates dramatic effects on the picture. Apps are always an add-on to the personal photo collections. Apps like VSCO Cam and Afterlight have become essential to anyone who prefers to promote high-quality wildlife pictures. Being a wildlife photographer is not a tough option anymore, because there are various ways one can improve their skills to take pictures of wildlife animals. But the first step is to get out there and travel, understand the nature and the surrounding environment before taking the picture. Wildlife photography is one the best hobby to get involved in as it helps a person to love and learn about nature; whilst promoting the care for wild animals.

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