Why opt Training on the Job in India and the best on job training program!


With technology, industries evolve. The world is changing; hence, there is a need to learn and evolve with new methodologies. On the job training helps you to cope with the latest trends in the industry and ensures a packed performance. It helps you understand what new tasks demand and keeps you adapted to the new changes effectively.

Training on the job in India is a practical way of training the new entrants into the organization and equip them to its functions and operations, giving them a hands-on experience on the job at the workplace. Practical knowledge is more effective than mere theories and HCL’s Early Career Program believes in the same! During the 12-months program, you learn not only new courses but also experience real-time projects that give you a better insight of how it works and what is expected of you. 

For those looking to start earning immediately after school, HCL Early Career Program is the best opportunity. This is an integrated on-job training program for students who have just completed Class XII and aspire to excel in the technical field. HCL TechBee- Early Career Program is an exclusive job training program for freshers who look ahead to have full-time employment. 

The aspirants have to undertake a 12-month HCL paid training program meant for entry-level jobs in the IT sector. Once the trainees accomplish the program, they are open to full-time employment opportunities with HCL.

The candidates get the double advantage of continuing higher studies while on the job. They are free to pursue higher educationx with BITS, Pilani, or SASTRA University. HCL TechBee’s program prepares and vest the students for financial independence and earn right after school.

During the training program, the aspirants are entitled to a stipend. HCLTechBee’s 12-months hybrid training program is focused on overall education and personality development of a student who has just stepped out of school. This HCL paid training prepares converts amateurs into industry-ready professionals. The program already has over 2000+ students drawing excellent benefits in Noida, Madurai, Lucknow, Chennai, Bengaluru, Nagpur, Vijayawada, and Hyderabad.

The early career program is more like a work-integrated learning package. It fits subtly to all the millennials’ needs and strategically position them with skills required for a top engineering job and at the same time, avail the opportunity to pursue education from India’s best technical institutions.

This integrated program provides an early-stage benefit to the students. They become financially independent, have first-hand industry experience, and an academic degree!

Students enrolling in HCL Early Career Program have to undergo 12 months of intensive training before being places as IT engineers at HCL. During 12-months training, candidates go through the following process:

  • Foundation Training: The program equips trainees with IT fundamentals, a prerequisite for IT professionals.
  • Technology/Domain Training: Technology specific training to equip the students with all the key concepts required for TechBee’s first job.
  • Professional Practice Training: On-the¬-job training in live global projects at HCL allows them to work as IT professionals.
  • Candidates can access the Learning Management System. This enables peer-based discussions, online assessments, assignments, and case-based submissions.
  • Candidates also get to earn technology-specific IT certifications that facilitate in their jobs.
  • Candidates are entitled to stipend during training.

Why HCL Early Career Program out of all other Training programs?

  • Start early; get Assured Job: Be ahead of your peers and kickstart career at HCL as IT Engineer. 
  • Financial Dependence: Stipend during the program and an excellent starting package.
  • World-Class Training: The trainees have access to best in industry training on the job and other modern technologies under the guidance of learned and experienced experts and mentors.
  • Exciting Career Opportunities: Choose to start a career at an early stage with an opportunity to excel and get selected for on-site visits and working on live projects.
  • Job Roles: Paid training opportunities and job roles in prestigious projects in areas of Application and Infrastructure support, testing, and CAD Support.