7 Greatest Things to Do in Canggu Bali


This guide to the top things comprises some of Bali’s most iconic landmarks that are observed along the southwestern coast. The hub of Canggu is Echo Beach, where you can enjoy a good deal of family-friendly activities, a sunset dining room, and fantastic surfing.

Enjoy horse riding across Canggu’s exotic black-sand coasts, spend the evening in a waterpark, or take up a cooking course with a celebrated local chef. We’ve also included Tanah Lot Temple. One of the most iconic and photogenic temples in Bali — the record wouldn’t be complete without it!

  1. Visit Tanah Lot

Tanah Lot is one of the iconic landmarks in Bali. The ancient Hindu shrine is put on top of an outcrop amid constantly crashing waves, which makes it a popular spot for sunset photography. Even though you cannot enter the temple grounds of Tanah Lot, the panoramic views and cultural offerings around are all highlights to enjoy. The coastal site of this temple complex has smaller shrines, restaurants, stores and a cultural park in which regular dance performances happen.

  1. Explore Echo Beach

Echo Beach is just one of the most famous surf spots in Bali. It has advanced reef breaks, around 180-degree seascapes and sunsets, and also to fish cafés set on a high vantage point. The black-sand beach is roughly 35 km north of Kuta and Seminyak, along with a 14 kilometres drive west from the provincial capital of Denpasar.

Surfers dominate the scene daily before matters change into a more ambient dining scene by night. Echo Beach is fresh and well-kept because of these joint efforts among various surf schools and clubs across Canggu’s coast, which execute routine beach clean-ups.

  1. Stop by Finns Recreation Club

Finns Recreation Club is a hub in Canggu. You’ll discover lots of sports facilities and entertainment centres, such as a full-fledged gym, the Bounce Bali Trampoline Centre, Splash Water Park, Strike Bowling tennis centre, a child’s club, and a spa centre.

It’s available to the public year-round, with day passes and long-term memberships available at reasonable rates. Finns Recreation Club also offers a sports club which screens live sports events, from AFL and NFL to cricket and football matches.

  1. Go to Splash Waterpark

Splash Waterpark at Bali crosses 2,400 sqm, with many top-notch slides and pools with supporting facilities which guarantee an enjoyable and safe day out for all ages. It’s situated right near the critical centres of Finns Recreation Club, a leisure and sporting complex across the street leading to Berawa Beach.

One of the options for grownups and bigger kids is Giant Racer, a high 90-metre-long slide having an incorporated speedometer that monitors your race. You can check on a display after your ride in the event to declare that the real winner is and you will need to repay any disputes. Speed Racer is a smaller slip so that they won’t miss out on the fun designed for younger children.

  1. Join Iboe Soelastri Cooking Class

This cooking class located at Tugu Hotel Bali, Iboe Soelastri Cooking Class is among the best places to learn about Indonesia’s culinary heritage. Classes are taught by resident fighter Iboe Soelastri, who inherited her grandmother’s passion for traditional recipes. You’ll learn how to pick components and prepare five kinds of traditional Javanese and Balinese dishes. All preparations follow procedures, like grinding ginger through a mortar and pestle. As well, the cooking is faithfully traditional, as Iboe Soelastri Cooking Class uses terracotta steamers instead of contemporary rice cookers.

  1. Explore Bali Equestrian Centre

Bali Equestrian Centre is a 25,000-sq-m facility that’s operated by accredited foreign teachers. The stables are placed to over 30 trained horses of imported and all local breeds. Furthermore, the centre welcomes families with leisurely pony rides and day camps for children.

If you’ve never ridden a horse, Bali Equestrian Centre offers courses for kids and adults. Dinner and breakfast are served in the centre’s onsite restaurant. You’ll also find a playground and a swimming pool that overlook the primary riding arena.

  1. Visit Berawa Beach

Berawa Beach borders the northeast coast of Seminyak. It’s a mix of black and dark grey sand and will be home to one of the largest lagoons across Canggu’s coastline. It is a stop for customers looking for a spot to browse in Bali. It is possible to anticipate some rocky reefs which help shape up some divine rights and a few lefts in high tide. Recreational swimming is not recommended at Berawa Beach because of the powerful undercurrents. Unique bars across the beach make for some beautiful spots to enjoy Bali’s famous sunsets.

Ready to start your getaway to Canggu Bali? Visit Wonderful Indonesia, and don’t miss out on the magic!

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