Is Marriage Counseling Worth It? Does It Work?


We all need help every once in a while in our lives most especially in marriage when things go wrong and love seems to have pitched its tent elsewhere or at times when couples argue even over the stupidest of things. We then cannot help but ask if marriage counseling even works. What if the couples just don’t want to listen to each other and make compromises? What if ‘being right’ seems to be one of the life principles of both or either of the spouses?

When people ask about how worth it is marriage counseling, perhaps what they really mean most of the time is if counseling can indeed save their marriage. Frankly speaking, much of the marriage saving would depend on the couples and their openness but when that stage is accomplished, a lot would depend on your marriage counselor.

Statistics say Yes!

To start with facts, indeed a great majority of patients say that marriage counseling has helped them improve their marriages and even saved it from a potential separation. Indeed, marriage counseling has improved a lot for the past 50 years compared to back then where there really was a lot of doubt about how effective it could be.

Licensed Professional Counseling

Marriage counseling works best with a licensed professional in family group dynamics. In fact, it’s even much cheaper to seek counseling as a couple for group dynamics and specific marriage counseling rather than going to an individual psychiatrist or psychologist. That can work too as well however, you get to save much more and achieve more with family counseling rather than as an individual. At marriage counseling Colorado Springs, you can be always assured of the best professional treatment as we cater to more than 20 States in the US as well as to some international clients.

Discerning Marriage Health

It is not the job of the counselor to dictate the flow of marriage life. However, they can help in your discernment on whether or not your marriage is healthy and may even give recommendations to end it depending on the gravity of the circumstances. Emotionally focused therapies would work best especially in helping couples properly respond to emotionally charged circumstances of marital life. Our group dynamics at Marriage Counseling Colorado Springs can help you discern as well as compare cases with other couples who may share a similar story with yours.

Prevention is better than cure

Marriage counseling works best when problems are sorted out right before the wound becomes irreparably big. Statistics show a better chance of saving the marriage when couples seek for help early on rather than a full confrontation of positions of both spouses fighting for who is right when the problem is already deep and has gone by without any help. Small wounds end up big if left untreated.

Marriage Counseling and its success depends on many factors including the openness of the couple, the professional lineage of the therapist and the maturity of the problem. While there certainly is no absolute rule of recipes for counseling success, it certainly helps in the couple’s discernment to know how counseling works and the best time to enter. As the old saying goes, “strike while the iron is still hot.”

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