Bathroom Remodeling: 8 Tips For Choosing Top Quality Materials


We’re pretty sure you’ve heard this before: bathroom remodeling Colorado Springs CO isn’t as simple as removing tiles, adding new mirrors, or getting rid of old furniture. It’s a craft that requires utmost attention — and cooperation — from the homeowner and the contractor.

One of the things that need to be discussed is the material to be used. To give you an idea on how to choose top quality materials, we’ve compiled eight important tips for you.

Look for bathroom inspirations

Your material is reliant on your design and layout. So if you don’t have one yet, you better start looking for bathroom inspirations now — through magazines, social media, and showrooms. Settle down with the theme you want and make sure it suits your taste.

Assess if your dream bathroom look is feasible to do

So, you now have a dream bathroom. You’re exceedingly excited to hire a contractor, consult with a designer, and start your project right away. Don’t get your hopes too high yet and evaluate first: will your existing space be enough? Do you have the resources to get things done?

Outline your plan and identify your needs

Before scouting and looking for bathroom material manufacturers, bear in mind that every bathroom remodeling Colorado Springs CO begins with a plan. List down what you need to do as well as the corresponding materials required in each item (e.g. Flooring, fixtures).

Allocate your budget and adjust your plan accordingly

Once your initial plan is laid out, you might have a grasp of how much you’d need to spend to let your bathroom makeover happen. You can be confident if you’re not that tight on budget, but if you want to optimize and avoid spending too much — scaling down your project (like trading pricey materials for cheaper ones) will be necessary.

Know your bathroom flooring options

There is a variety of materials to choose from for your bathroom flooring — from ceramic tile, porcelain tile, vinyl to natural stone and marble; Each has its own pros and cons but it all boils down to your choice of theme and personal preference. As a tip, many experts recommend natural stone (for its ease of installation and timeless beauty) and porcelain and ceramic tiles (for the wide range of its styles and designs).

Don’t leave out the countertops

Granite, quartz, and marble are the go-to choices of clients of bathroom remodeling Colorado Springs CO — thanks to the variety of their patterns and grades. These are also known for their durability. But for those who want to be more economical, laminated countertops are an alternative.

Choose fixtures that suit your style

Fixtures and finishes (e.g. Sink, vanity table) also depend on your style. But to help check if these elements go well with your countertop and flooring material, create a mood board and consult with your trusted designer.

Source your materials

Create a “shopping list” and do your homework by researching which manufacturers offer the materials you need for your bathroom. Consider their reputation and look for reviews from previous clients. Keep your budget in mind and adjust your choice of material (or supplier) whenever necessary.

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