7 Tips How To Highlight Your Rental Property’s Most Sellable Features


Marketing is the main key to success in many different industries. For most, it’s the primary target when ensuring what is always at the peak. Through marketing, you will be able to control the narrative and guarantee that the attention given to anything you’re marketing isn’t wasted.

This is the same principle that is applied by the different property management companies San Francisco. They make sure that the most sellable features of your rental property are all highlighted. By being upfront with the positives, you are able to paint a picture that purely relies on the good things.

  1. Be the source of information

Although it’s great to post the information about your rental property on different platforms to get the most views possible, your own web page should be the final route. A website or social media profile that you have immediate control over should list all of the great features found in your rental property.

  1. Use social media to your advantage

Name recognition influences how many people go back to look at your rental property. Someone who’s scrolling through their timeline might’ve seen the fantastic looking kitchen or the attention to detail in the bathroom. This will give them an idea of what your rental property has and might even take a closer look at what you have to offer in full.

  1. Don’t settle for what you already know

Expand your knowledge regarding the market that you are trying to market your rental property too. What are the amenities that the people would like to have? If you have never lived in that particular area for a long time, find someone who would be able to tell.

  1. Don’t present the value with money

Unless you’re able to offer an extremely low price for many features, you should never bring up the monetary value of your property as a selling point. Prices change over time. Instead, you should sell the community surrounding the property and the property itself as an investment.

  1. Hire a professional photographer

When it comes to selling a property, you should have as many photos as possible. Make sure that the photos are taken by a professional that is well-equipped. The lighting, lens, and other things should all be considered.

  1. Provide a virtual home tour

A virtual home tour can be done in many different ways. Some property management companies San Francisco even offer a 360 VR experience to let the viewer look throughout the property as if they were there. It might take some time and effort to record, but it can produce great results depending on the market.

  1. Set the tone with analytics

Plain data is really boring to listen to if you are looking for a property. Nobody wants to hear it. Instead of providing the data as is, find ways to make it convincing to the potential buyer. Bring up the data as a backup for all the highlights that you present to everyone that views the property.

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