Interesting Ways to Relate Popular Card Games with Real Life


There is always a connection between popular rummy rules and real life. Afterall, these games have their origins from the minds of people who were inspired from life. This means that understanding a card game well can mean you understand life better. So, here are some revelations about card games and life:

Points Counting and Accounting

Most of the games in playing cards require the players to keep track of the points they have earned or lost in each round. In 28 card game, cash cards are distributed among the teams and when the team loses the 6 cash cards, they have to wear a penalty card on their ears before they can replenish their cash cards.

Other games like Indian Rummy have cut off points decided at the beginning of the game and anyone who exceeds those points loses. This makes a player alert about the points in hand and the ways to arrange the cards to manage points in a conducive way.

Passing a Turn and Losing an Opportunity

Many of the card games that are popular allow the players to pass a turn if they have a bad hand or if they think it is better not to play. This situation is quite similar to real life where we avoid appearing for entrance tests because we think we are not prepared for it. As you attend the entrance next time, the cut off is higher and so is the competition. This makes you realise you must have missed a good opportunity by passing. In life and in card games, passing turns is a very tricky decision.

Rearranging Sequences and Altering Lifestyle

In games like rummy card game where the basis of the game lies on the way you have arranged your hand, some alteration in the way you play can decide whether you win or lose the game. This is also true in case of life where the moment you change your perspective and approach to life, everything else changes naturally.

Life in Rummy and Life in Real

Especially in rummy, the analogy with life is pretty clear. You need to prepare a real sequence and a natural sequence which are together termed as life. Till the life is formed, a rummy player’s hand is counted as full hand. This is similar in life too where a person needs to have basic health, income and relationships to be regarded a decent person. Unless this basic structure isn’t achieved, he gains no respect in society.

Jokers and the Bonuses

We all enjoy special life lines and bonuses in our lives in different ways. These bonuses help to make our life simpler. It could be a friend who helps when you are in need or a neighbour who takes care of you when you are ill. Such bonuses help us feel happy and make this world a better place to live in.

Jokers in rummy too are a kind of bonus that you enjoy. The card can be used in place of the actual number or sign that is required. This simplifies the game and helps you win sooner than expected.

Debts and Highpoint Cards in Rummy

When we owe someone money, it makes our financial situation bad. It also puts our credibility into test. Luxuries at this point are a big no-no. The highpoint cards in rummy are like the luxuries of our life. We cannot afford them till the life is formed. You need to be wise to dispose the high point cards as and when you get a chance. Replace them with useful lower point cards.

Life is a game of cards if you look at it that way. Learn the strategies to play the game well and you will surely win.

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