Consider These Pros And Cons Before Starting Your Data Entry Business


Learn The Pros And Cons Of Starting A Data Entry Business

Data entry, as the name suggests, is a job that requires you to manually enter data into a set format. There are thousands of companies that require their client and business details entered into such arrangements. One of the main reasons for clients outsourcing their data entry work is that it can be done by highly skilled and talented employees. This work is also done at a lower price and helps reduce their labour costs. Data entry does not require any qualification or a specific skill set, making it a job for the masses. Anyone with basic computer knowledge can start a data entry business. If you are thinking about starting your data entry business, here are the pros and cons that you are bound to encounter in your venture with data entry.

The Pros of Data Entry Business:

1) Little To No Investment Required

Data entry jobs require basic computer knowledge and little to no training. This job does not require much investment. In most cases, all you need is a personal computer and an internet connection. Data entry can be done from the comfort of your couch at home or anywhere you would like. However, to get the best productivity from your job, it is best to have a designated work spot to work from.

2) Easy To Find Work

With such a massive pool of businesses regularly requiring data entry, finding work for your data entry business should not be a tough task. However, there are two main ways to get work for your data entry business. The first is by checking with local clients for any data entry requirements they may have or through people you already are in touch with. The second way, and the more famous of the two, is to sign-up with a crowd-sourcing site that lists endless data entry jobs that you can choose from. Registering at one of these sites is relatively straightforward, and after verifying your details, you are ready to go. The best part about writing with a crowd-sourcing site is that you have the opportunity to work with clients from all over the world. You can slowly build a good rapport with your clients and ensure continuous workflow.

3) Follow Your Own Work Schedule

A significant advantage of data entry is setting your work schedule. In the data entry business, your client will give you a set amount of work that they expect you to return within a specified time. You can follow your own work schedule as long as you meet the deadlines. Following your own work schedule will allow you the leisure to take breaks as and when you need. You may even be able to visit the store to buy your groceries or run errands in between your job. It is best to come up with a work schedule that pleases both your client and yourself. Your business will thrive as long as you meet deadlines and the quality of work remains good.

The Cons of Data Entry Business

1) Data Entry Can Become Monotonous

Starting a data entry business may be easy, but the job itself can be pretty tedious and monotonous. Projects usually require you to sit at your computer for long periods filling in data for clients. At times, you may need to summon your last bit of energy to complete your project. As the job is manual and pays per data entered, you would need to meet quite a few projects before earning yourself a decent profit.

2) Too Much Competition May Hinder Your Pay

Data entry does not require any qualification or a particular skill set, and this attracts a lot of competition for data entry projects. The competition increases, even more when clients take their work global, primarily through crowd-sourcing sites. Depending on the project, there are times when clients may misuse this level of competition to get work done by the lowest bidder, hindering your prospects.

3) Genuine company with genuine jobs

It can be hard to find a genuine company offering genuine data entry work. As this profession attracts many job seekers, it is not uncommon for scammers to pose as potential clients and cheat unsuspecting data entry businesses of their hard work. Reliable crowd-sourcing sites do run background checks on clients that register with them, and this does help keep scammers at bay, but not ultimately.


Every business has its pros and cons, and the data entry business is no different. The above-mentioned pros and cons of starting a data entry business will help you make an informed decision and prepare you for your venture.

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