Amazon adventures when in Ecuador


Nine countries are sharing the Amazon rainforest, the largest rainforest on earth, home to the greatest variety of animal and plant species in the world.

Ecuador is one of the countries that is lucky enough to contain a part of the Amazon rainforest within its borders. Ecuador is often chosen as a gateway to the Amazon thanks to some unique features that even experienced travelers may not be aware of.

The most biodiverse place in the world

Yasuni National Park, a UNESCO World Biosphere reserve, sits on the eastern part of Ecuador and it covers an area of 9820 square kilometers. It boasts the largest biodiversity on earth. It holds the world record in local species of animals; more than 200 mammal, 121 reptile, 600 bird and 70,000 insect species. It also contains more than 1000 species of local trees. Still, a large portion of this land remains unexplored and unknown, raising the interest of nature lovers and curious explorers.

It is said that this extraordinary biodiversity occurs where the equator, the Andes and the Amazon meet. Imagine that this is only one of the four National parks in the Ecuador Amazon.

However, it is doubtful that the area will remain pristine for years to come, as important oil reserves lie in that area and their exploitation is a billion dollar industry.

Impressive history

A maybe unknown fact is that the Amazon river was first discovered from Ecuador. The Spanish conquistadors ventured to explore a mythical city in the rainforest, but failed to predict the hardships that awaited them. In search for supplies, they set off down the river getting deeper and deeper into the jungle. It was unavoidable to come across some not very hospitable local tribes, wild and intimidating, like the ancient Greek amazon warriors. This is where the rainforest and the river took their name from.

National Geographic views

If you need something off the beaten path, here we are. Incredible views are waiting any explorer that chooses to visit and hike around the Ecuadorian Amazon. This is one of the best places in the world for landscape and wildlife photography and you do not require to have professional equipment in order to shoot incredible images.

Not being too touristy, this part of the planet will take your breath away with pictures that you do not see every day on social media and the internet in general. Make sure you have your camera with you with full battery in order to capture all this beauty.

Accessibility is the key

You may think that untouched areas of the Amazon rainforest are really remote and need long commute times to be reached, but this is not always the case. Only 250 kilometers from Quito, there is no excuse not to visit the Ecuador Amazon while there. Due to its proximity to the capital, this part of the Amazon is easily accessible thanks to the plethora of regular services and tours. There are even 30 minute flights from Quito to the river port town of Coca. Accessibility comes with a decent level of accommodation services as well which are able to satisfy the standards of most travelers.

Local experience

Although being close to the modern world, there are still indigenous tribes, like Huaorani, Shuar and Kichwa tribes. It is impressive how their uniqueness is preserved. There are tours that can get you to visit some local tribes and learn about their culture, language, lifestyle and challenges that they face. There are also lodges run by local population which can offer you a traditional, real experience if you want to get into their everyday way of living.

Plentiful activities for any taste

The options and the activities in the area are plenty, and they are able to satisfy any taste or budget. Hiking in the rainforest of kayaking in the Amazon river? Merging with locals or seeking some isolation? Of course, the best way to spot the animal and plant species is to opt for activities by the river or follow the trekking routes. It is also a good idea to take a tour with a local guide, if you are interested in learning the valuable resources the Amazon provides, like food, medicine and construction materials. Maybe some travelers are not so much into wildlife and want just a relaxing vacation. One of the best activities would be a cruise in the Amazon. Stay calm and relaxed, enjoying high level services while listening to the sounds of the jungle. Get to explore a new region of the rainforest every day you wake up, without having to go overland through dangerous roads. It is definitely the best way to see as much as possible.

Happy Gringo Ecuador offers a lot of tour services in the Amazon river. Opt for a cruise package that combines relaxation, wildlife spotting, nature exploration and many local activities, all in one. There is no doubt that your visit to Ecuador Amazon will be one of the most amazing ever!