The Right Limits for the Perfect Sports Betting Now



Now that we know how the odds of the best sports betting sites work, let’s explore the types of bets available to make our guesses over the internet by finding out how the Sports Betting Rules & Types work. In order for us to understand this wide range of online sports betting, let’s start from the simpler and more traditional bets and move on to those that are already a little less common.

For the most popular sports such as soccer, tennis, basketball, and F-1, betting offers are high. In other sports, the betting offer has been growing steadily. It is important and understands the Sports Betting Rules & Types of each sport. In the toto site you need the best deals now.

The most common bet types

Simple Bet (1 × 2): A simple bet in a 1 × 2 market is that typical bet in which the end result of a match will be. That is, we choose if:

  • Victory of the home team
  • x- Draw
  • 2- Victory of the visiting team

Let’s take a practical example, such as: Corinthians x Flamengo

  • 1 – pay 3.10 – Vasco da Gama win
  • x – pay 3.40 – Draw
  • 2 – pay 2.10 – Vitória do Flamengo

As we already know, each prognosis has a quota. For example, if you bet 5 reais on Vasco and he wins, you will have as much as you bet times the odds of 3.10. That is, it will come out with 15.50.

Double Chance Bet

Double chance betting is when you with only one bet you cover two possible outcomes. The odds are lower but the chances of winning increase see:

  • 1 or x = Victory or draw of the home team.
  • X or 2 = Victory or draw of the visiting team.
  • 1 or 2 = Victory of the sending or visiting team.

See how the calculation of dimensions changes in this example. The higher the chances of success, the lower the quota will be.

  • 1 or x – call 1.60 = Vasco win or draw
  • X or 2 – call 1.35 = Flamengo win or draw
  • 1 or 2 – pay 1.30 = Vasco or Flamengo wins

By understanding the operation of Sports Betting Rules & Types, your chances of success will increase.


This is a very popular type of betting among bettors. “DNB” means “Draw no Bet”. That is, if the match ends in a draw you will be refunded.

Example: If you bet on Vasco’s win over Flamengo and the game ends 0x0, the bet is void.

Multiple Bets

Multiple betting allows you to combine multiple bets into one. You will have multiplied the odds of these bets and then you will have your benefit. You can combine different sports and bet types in a multiple bet. But to win, you have to get all the results right.

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