3 Critical Floor Cleaning Services Every Business Must Invest In


Most of us can agree that first impressions are vital, especially for a business trying to impress potential clients. So, what are the first things that potential clients notice when they walk into a business building?  In most cases, it is the overall state of the floors.

If the floors are dirty and grimy, then your business is portraying a negative impression to potential customers.  Since office floors attract a lot of traffic, it is crucial to hire a floor cleaning service to keep them clean to maintain the right brand image. 

However, you need to keep in mind that floorcare is much more than sweeping and mopping. There are three other vital floor cleaning services that every business must invest in to protect the business brand. Read on to find out everything you need to know. 

  • Stripping and waxing

You might hire an office floor cleaning service to ensure that your floors are clean all the time. In most cases, this involves sweeping, mopping, and wiping away footprints and spills as soon as they occur. However, you may realize that regular sweeping, mopping, and wiping becomes ineffective after some time.  

The use of harsh chemicals and massive amount of foot traffic causes the floor to deteriorate over time. This is where stripping and waxing come into play.

Stripping and waxing is a unique cleaning method that gets rid of dirt buildup by stripping away the older protectant wax and adding a new layer of wax over the floor. Waxing removes all debris, dirt, and stains from the floor.

After a thorough scrubbing, new layers of wax are carefully applied. The process of stripping and waxing gives your floor an entirely new and shiny look.

  • Burnishing

After stripping and waxing, there is more to maintaining the shiny and new look of your office floors than just sweeping and mopping. To achieve better results and maintain the appearance for a relatively long time, you need to burnish the floor as well.

Burnishing works by deep scrubbing and partially removing the top layer of the wax. The primary purpose of the process is to give your hard floors maximum shine. Regular burnishing done with the right equipment and appropriate frequency plays a critical role in maintaining recently stripped and waxed floors.

The secret to achieving better results when burnishing is to ensure that all of the surface grime is removed, appropriate RPM rated machines are used, and a recommended amount of coarseness is used.

  • Auto scrubbing

Auto scrubbing is also referred to as floor scrubbing and involves using a relatively large floor scrubbing machine to clean your office floors. The scrubbing machine applies a thin layer of cleaning agent to the floor then goes over it with scrubbing pads.

After running over the scrubbing pads, a water suction vacuum is then used to suck up the dirt and clean the water. 

The entire process happens seamlessly as the auto scrubbing machine moves over the floor. Auto scrubbing machines are designed to be used on hard floors. The method works best on concrete, tile, and vinyl floors. 



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