Various factors that affect the prices of short- term rental apartments.


Short-term rentals offer a variety of advantages over hotels and can be the change you need to make your vacation a success.  various agencies which include the likes of APT212 can be very useful to help you get the most ideal rental within your budget. Even though these apartments are relatively cheaper for long term stays compared to hotels, prices may vary just like in the hotel industry from time to time. It is therefore advisable to stay updated and use the most recent listings when searching for an apartment to avoid spending more on unexpected additions that were not accounted for in your initial budget. A few factors that may lead to the varying of booking prices may include;

Seasonality- as a result of the major changes in weather and holidays throughout the year, seasonality is one of the factors that directly influence is essential for traveling individuals to be aware of such times considering the availability of units is scarce during the peaks seasons and low during off-seasons. It can be very hectic to find a suitable apartment during these peaks seasons and you are more likely to end up paying more for an apartment.

Apartment sizes- there are various types of apartments from which people can choose one that is more ideal for their needs. Apartment sizes can range from studio apartments which are relatively smaller and suitable for one person or a couple for a few days to three-bedroom apartments suitable for travel groups or families. The bigger the size of the house however the higher the prices you will pay for the service.

Period of stay- short-term rental apartments are cheaper for long term stays compared to hotels. However, the period of stay will influence your overall budget, someone booking the apartment for only a month will cumulatively pay less than one staying longer than that. It is therefore advisable to plan for the entire length of your stay or book an apartment that is flexible if you are not sure how long you are going to be there.

Promotional offers- as an advertisement strategy, all businesses usually have discounts for their loyal customers or offers which entice customers to choose their services. There may be offers during which prices may be cut significantly to attract more customers for specific periods of stay along with various promotion conditions.

Location of the apartment and views-  the physical location where the property is located as well contributes to the pricing of the unit. Some areas are simply worth more than others and as a result, the rental market pricing is higher in such areas. The views which come with an apartment such as lake views, seas, etc. will increase the rent you are likely to pay compared to one without such nice views.


Short-term rentals market leaders always have a website where the available listing is shown, APT212, For instance, has a secure website with clear images of the various apartments on various parts of the city.  These professionals always account for the various factors in their pricing which can help you budget accordingly and avoid surprise obligations. All in all, it is advisable to always book early ahead of the peak seasons rush to get the best available apartments at the best prices before changes occur.

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