Step-by-Step Instruction on Choosing a Proxy Server Provider


Most people who discover the advantages of using proxies wonder how to get such services. Users are generally interested in buying anonymity proxies. Yet, the algorithm we’ll discuss today is suitable for other types, too.

Top five facts to take into account when making a choice:

First of all, a person should make a list of expectations. Think about the features you want to receive to narrow down the list of options. Different providers include various services.

Secondly, it’s better to consider the anonymity level you’d like to get. There are three levels. They bring transparent, distorting, and elite proxies.

In case you look for proxy servers with IP addresses in specific countries, start your search with companies that offer Australian IP addresses, for example. Some companies sell access to proxies from numerous countries, which could be helpful, too.

Another important factor is the reputation. Simply look through some news related to the company, maybe awards, customers’ reviews, things you trust. Discover whether the company you like had some major data leaks, etc. This knowledge is likely to help choose the most trustworthy solution.

Keep in mind that a proxy server provider should have a no-log or zero-log policy. This feature guarantees that the company does not store clients’ personal information or share it with third-party sources.


Aside from the essential facts above, users should apply other criteria. For example, price tags can be a decision-making factor. The cost of services ranges from $0 to thousands of dollars. Pick a suitable plan based on the budget you’ve got. However, if you look for truly reliable services, free options aren’t going to cut it.

Think of everything you wish to achieve with the service and get the best proxies to succeed.

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