Get to know the various menus on the online soccer betting site



Online soccer betting is very easy and you can do it anywhere and anytime. You only need to find an official and trusted soccer betting agent, then register to become a member, then you can enjoy your account and immediately play online judi bola soccer betting.

However, if you are someone who is new to the world of online soccer betting, playing at Agent maybe something very confusing. The reason is, the appearance of the online soccer betting site is a little complicated, and also every choice provided is not explained in detail, especially on the menu regarding what types of bets are provided. There are so many choices, you might feel confused about what kind of online soccer bet you want to play. Therefore, consider the following article so that you understand the various types of menus and games on the online soccer betting site that you can play.

Basic explanation on the appearance 

When you enter the account that has been given by the soccer gambling agent to you, you will see on the upper right side there are the words “Rp” near the words “Sign Out”. This indicates how many coins or credits you have in the account. If there is a number, for example, 100 in the text, it means that you have a coin of IDR 100,000 in your online soccer betting account. For beginner soccer gambling players, it’s a good idea to continue to pay attention to the top right side so you can pay attention to the nominal you have before starting to play online soccer betting.

Furthermore, if you look at the top left side right above the words “Judi Bola”, you will see several menus that say My Bets, Statement, Balance, Account, and Announcements. My Bets, this menu is a menu that will show you how many bets you have made as long as you are in an online soccer betting account. If you have made so many bets that you forget to bet on anything, you can check the My Bets menu. 

Then, Statements is a menu to see your bet history, as well as any transactions you have made during the week. Not only that, but you also see whether the team you bet on wins or not. Then, you can also calculate the number of losses and wins online soccer betting that you have done as long as you log in to your account via the Balance menu. Finally, in the Announcements menu, you can see what the online soccer bookmakers have announced. Whether it’s about canceling bets or things like that.

After reading the description above, the feeling of confusion you feel has disappeared, right? As it turns out, playing soccer betting online is that easy. What’s more, if you are assisted by an official and trusted soccer gambling agent which will not only help the process of creating your account but also help with all the problems you face when betting online football. Therefore, joining is the right decision.

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