You Need a Clean Drinking Water Using Berkey Water Filter When Exercising and Other Tips to Stay Safe


Exercising offers tons of benefits. If you want to stay physically and mentally healthy, you have to exercise regularly. It helps if you can enroll in a gym and receive help from a fitness trainer. If you can’t, it’s not a problem. Exercising at home is possible. You can follow online tutorial videos and purchase equipment you can use at home. When you’re going to exercise, you need a bottle of drinking water with you. It helps you stay hydrated. Exercising can remove lots of water from your body. If you can’t replenish it, you can be at risk of dehydration. It’s even better if you use the Berkey water filter for your water source to guarantee that it’s clean.

Keep a bottle of water by your side

You need to keep a bottle of water with you while you exercise. It doesn’t matter if you’re doing a simple exercise or a rigorous routine. You need water when your body tells you to do drink. When you’re sweating profusely, you might be dehydrated without water. To stay safe, you have to bring plain water. Avoid sweetened beverages and coffee. They’re not advised for anyone who goes to the gym. If you take a protein shake before exercising, it’s okay. However, you still need to bring water with you.

Be aware of your body

Before you even start to exercise, you need to be aware of your body. Find out what your body needs and come up with an exercise plan. It’s even better if you speak with your physician first. Not all bodies are the same. You can’t follow someone else’s plan since it might not work for you. Instead of reaching your fitness goals, you will be in worse shape.

Always warm-up and cool down

Some people skip these steps because they don’t see the need to do them. The truth is that they’re an integral part of any exercise routine. Warming up helps stretch your bones and muscles. You want them to get used to physical activity. Otherwise, you could suffer from injuries and intense pain after exercising. It would help if you also cooled down to signal your body that your exercise is over, and it’s time to relax. You won’t feel the impact of not warming up or cooling down right away, but you will start to feel the pain later on.

Pace yourself

Even if you’re determined to achieve your goals, it doesn’t mean that you will kill yourself in the gym. You have to pace yourself. Create a weekly plan to determine what to exercises to do. Don’t forget to have a day off. Your body also needs to recover from the exercise, and you need to spend a day not doing anything intense. Besides, if you want to build your muscles, it involves recovery. After tearing down the muscle cells, they have to be repaired. During that process, your muscles start to grow. Without giving your body sufficient time to recover, you won’t achieve what you want.

Wear appropriate clothing

When you exercise in an air-conditioned gym, you can choose any loose or comfortable clothing. Wear appropriate footwear to prevent the impact on your feet. If you’re planning to head outside for a run, you have to wear thin clothes during the summer. You might faint due to the sun’s scorching heat combined with the thickness of your chosen clothing.

Safety should be the priority

Even if you really want to lose weight and achieve your goals, you can’t go beyond your limits. You know what your body is capable of, and you can’t push yourself to the point of breaking down. You don’t want to faint while exercising. It might take time to head back to the gym if you suffer from a severe ailment.

You should also consider safety when running outdoors. Find a place where it’s safe to run. Avoid crowded streets where there are hundreds of vehicles. You might get hit while running. If you decide to run at night, you have to bring a friend with you. It’s unsafe to go for a run alone, especially in dark areas.

Listen to your body

You don’t need anyone to tell you when to stop. Your body will tell you if you’re doing too much. Most people would say that when it comes to exercising, the saying “no pain, no gain” applies. Although it’s true, it doesn’t mean you have to hurt yourself just to reach your goals. If you injured yourself while exercising, you have to stop for a while. Once you feel better, you can exercise again.

Another way to listen to your body is by gradually increasing your routine. For instance, if you want to lift weights, you can’t just have the heaviest dumbbell. You need to start with something light and move up when you feel better.

Talk to your nutritionist

Achieving your fitness goals isn’t only about exercising. It also entails proper nutrition. Make sure that you eat right and avoid dishes that can harm your goals. It also means that you have to stay away from caffeinated and sweetened drinks. They will set you back in achieving your fitness goals and aren’t worth doing. The reason your nutritionist’s advice is essential is that you might be tempted to look at diet plans online. You will follow whatever works for other people even when those strategies aren’t suitable for you. In any diet plan, water plays a crucial role. Make sure you always drink water. You might think that eight glasses of water a day is ideal. The truth is that it also changes depending on your body type. Ask your nutritionist about it.

Safety should be a priority when you exercise. It’s easy to get caught up with the exercise routines, especially if you’re desperate to achieve a weight goal. In your desperation, you could hurt yourself and be away from the gym for several months.

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