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You have been the victim of a serious bodily accident or an offense, and you find yourself in a situation of distress, a state of fragility which takes away your defenses, and makes you ready to accept the offers of services that are above all to get rid of the burden of this business.

However, do not forget one thing, it is the defense of your interests or those of a close person and it is important that your approach be proactive so that you feel involved in the management of the file.

Of course, there are pitfalls to avoid, but you are not alone, associations and well-meaning professionals are there to help you.

Here are some tips that will allow you to safeguard your rights:

Traps to avoid:

Beware of organizations that solicit you and offer their services. First of all, professionals and in particular lawyers are subject to a code of ethics which prohibits them from soliciting. Then, the other organizations can have other interests than yours to defend and the free frontage can be very expensive at the end of the race. Thus, and except in the very specific case of an association created for a specific event of which you would have been a victim (attack, air crash, etc.), refuse to entrust your interests to a structure which has taken the initiative to come to you.

Never trust the insurer in charge of settling your damage and never sign any document without having it proofread by a professional. Too often, insurers have receipts signed stating that the victim acknowledges that he has been compensated for all of his damage or that he recognizes a sharing of responsibility!

A reliable ally: the victim assistance association

The victim assistance association is subject to numerous obligations, through its funding public subsidies and through the approval it receives. In addition, she has contacts with the courts which allows her to keep you informed of the progress of your case.

In addition, these associations provide you with relatively complete support: provision of psychologists and Prairie Village Lawyer; links with administrations and organizations likely to pay aid or allowances.

Finally, their perfect knowledge of the procedures and their free intervention by your side will give you access to educational and detailed explanations.

An ally to be chosen with care: the lawyer

Recourse to a lawyer can be compulsory or voluntary. Whatever the hypothesis, you are the client, you are the king, a king who will entrust his lawyer with his private life and all his suffering. It is therefore essential that your relationship is based on unwavering trust.

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