Why vinyl plank flooring is the popular choice for luxurious look


When we own a house or want to refurbish our existing place with new and modern flooring, our concern is to go for the best and long-term investment. For this reason we search for many options and know the benefit to select which one is suitable for our place to install. If you need an updated look for your floor, nothing goes better than vinyl plank flooring. It is the popular choice for busy households, cafes, officers and commercial applications and provides a luxurious look. It is an engineering floor covering designed to mimic the look of real wood. In the market you will have a range of economically priced items along with bringing you versatility of materials, themes, colors, patterns and designs of vinyl plank flooring.


The benefits of vinyl plank flooring

  • The best feature and advantage of vinyl plank flooring is that it is water resistant, making it an ideal flooring solution for underground spaces such as basements, bathrooms, kitchens, cafes and restaurants.
  • This flooring is durable with layers, capable of bearing heavy foot traffic. A commercial area of large scale can benefit from the vinyl plank flooring with glued installation.
  • Therefore, this flooring is easy to maintain with regular sweeping and mopped once a week for a fresh look.
  • With the advancement of techniques in modern era vinyl plank flooring can now look remarkable like wood, stone, ceramics or any other type of material. Different 3-dimensional textures can be added to enhance the look while appearing as a natural
  • This flooring is cold and can be hard on the feet, when installed over a hard surface as on the or ceramic tile floors. They are thus resilient with preventing scattering of dishes when fell. That is dishes on this flooring do not break.
  • The resilient surface of vinyl plank is slightly quieter as sound does not echo in the way it does off the rigid surface.


The types of this flooring embrace as,

Stone plastic composite vinyl flooring – Vinyl plank flooring engineered luxury vinyl combines limestone and stabilizers to create durable core. Includes several layers; wear layer, vinyl topcoat, SPC core and attached underlayment.

Luxury vinyl plank flooring – this is the most common type of vinyl plank flooring. It is water resistant and easy to install and maintain. It is made up of 4 layers; wear layer, decorative image, vinyl core, and backing layer.

Rigid floor vinyl flooring – This type is an engineered vinyl floor having enhanced rigid core constriction for stability. It is made up of 4 layers including; wear layer, vinyl topcoat, rigid core, attached underlayment.

Hybrid vinyl flooring – A new addition to the vinyl market, is a type of vinyl plank flooring are engineered to combine the best attributes of a vinyl and laminate together to provide an ultimate flooring solution.

Wood plastic composite – Newly introduced into the market, it is manufactured with a wood plastic composite backing to form a bond of strength and stability. Having multiple layers, that is wear layer, vinyl topcoat, decorative print, and WPC core, this vinyl plank flooring is waterproof.

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