Best Aviation Courses In 2020


Learning how to fly is one of the most exciting adventures you can embark on. If you want to begin a career in aviation, then you need adequate training and certifications. The various online aviation courses include vital training prospective pilots need. They cover an extensive range of topics and help student pilots gain insight into various aviation aspects. Like with other courses, it can be confusing to know which course is right for you. We’ve compiled the best aviation courses in 2021 to narrow down your choices; let’s take a look.

The Airbus 1320 – Avsoft

This is one of the best online aviation courses you can take. It covers all the top aircraft systems to efficiently prepare student pilots to ride any airplane of their choice. This course teaches the components, controls, operations, and indications of the varying systems. This course intricately walks students through all the systems and the associated operations and is SCORM compliant. This course is ideal as a recurrent ground school theory training.

High Altitude Flight – Avsoft

Another course that falls into the list of best online aviation courses is the High Altitude Flight course. There are different aspects to high Altitude Flight, which are weather, physiology, and aerodynamics. This course explores all aspects and will introduce students to Clear Air Turbulence and visual and spatial disorientation. You will also learn the effect of decompression and motion sickness when flying at high altitudes and its limitations. This course prepares pilots for an aspect of flying they cannot avoid.

Mountain Flying – Avsoft

One of the incredible thrills you will get to enjoy as a pilot is the opportunity to fly through the mountains. Many pilots agree that mountain flying is one of the highlights of their flying history. However, this exciting aspect of flight is not without risks. This is one it is one of the best online aviation courses. This course explores the limitations, components, definitions, and procedures related to mountain flying. As you progress in your flight career, many things will test your piloting skills and abilities. Mountain Flying course covers the requirements, consideration, mountain meteorology, and many other topics to prepare you for such flights.

Boeing B737-700

This is an aircraft maintenance course. An aircraft is only as good as its maintenance, and you will learn how to main each airplane’s airworthiness. This course explores all the top aircraft systems, their components, operations, controls, and indications. You will learn how to research and troubleshoot arising problems and also how to write technical reports. You will learn to understand every aspect of the aircraft and its warning signals, amongst other things.

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