Manufactured Homes/ Mobile Homes


Home ownership is an important aspect of the American Dream. But in today’s economy it is super expensive to purchase and maintain a home. Therefore a lot of Americans are stuck renting. However it doesn’t have to be this way when a mobile home is an option. Mobile homes also known as manufactured homes are a simpler type of home that is built off site and then driven to its final location. They have many perks like being more efficient to maintain and cheaper to purchase.


Financing a mobile home is quite a bit different than a traditional stick built home. Unfortunately it is a little more difficult to finance a mobile home because it depreciates a little differently. It depreciates more similar to a car than a home. 

But if your plan is to stay long term and maintain the home well then the option of a mobile home can be a good one. Financing is something that just takes a little time to work out. Financing a home is difficult and requires lots of paperwork no matter what house you decide to purchase.


The construction of mobile homes for sale in new haven is very different. This is because a majority of the work is done off site. So the home is constructed on a trailer and then towed to the final location. Therefore, everything except for leveling and setting up the water, electricity and sewer lines is done at its original site. This is a cheaper way to do construction because you can be making 3 or 4 houses at one time. So you can buy the products in a bulk and save.

Energy Efficient

Although mobile homes are not typically known for being efficient, the newer style of mobile homes are actually built for efficiency. They are built from higher quality materials that helps the house heat and cool more efficiently.

 Along with that mobile homes are usually a little smaller so they are more efficient to maintain.So not only will you have a cheaper house payment but your utilities and monthly maintenance will be cheaper as well.



The one perk to mobile homes is you can put them anywhere. All you have to do is buy them and have them transported wherever you would like to live. So even if you have found the perfect piece of property but no house you can quickly have a home set up and delivered. If you decide to move you can also take a mobile home with you a lot easier.

Guidelines Meet

Mobile homes for sale get the bad reputation of not being built to any type of standard. As long as you buy a high quality mobile home you can know that it is meeting the national home standards. This means that even though mobile homes get the bad reputation of burning easily and catching on fire or having water problems you can know that you won’t have that problem. As long as you have bought a high quality home that follows all the national standards you shouldn’t have a problem.


Mobile homes for sale in new haven also known as manufactured homes are a great option for those people looking for a more affordable way to purchase a home. They can also be placed anywhere. And they can be moved. So if you decide you want to move you don’t necessarily have to leave your home behind. Mobile homes are efficient and can be cheaper to keep maintained. Mobile homes are financed a little differently but it can be done. So if you want to purchase a new home check out the mobile home option.