Why Should You Know About SBI PO Expected Cut-Off?


State Bank of India (SBI) releases separate cut off lists for its Probationary Officer (PO) preliminary and mains examinations. Even after the last group discussion and interview rounds, a final cut off list is published with minimum scores highlighted for different categories. 

As an applying candidate, you must meet or exceed the cut off specified at each stage to progress to the subsequent round. Previous year trends reflect that those who qualify for the mains exceed the available SBI PO vacancies PAN India almost ten times. 

Analysis of SBI PO Cut Offs

For the last four years, SBI PO expected cut off is registering a steady increase. Since SBI conducts this nationwide test, it is also responsible for declaring the relevant cut-offs. 

With effect from 2020, no sectional cut-offs exist, unlike previous years. The position of PO is a reputed one, which explains why the number of applicants surpasses the listed vacancies.

Factors influencing the expected cut off for SBI PO are:

  • Number of candidates applying as against the total vacant PO posts
  • The difficulty level of the question papers set
  • Normalized score calculations based on the marks secured by the last ranked candidate 

Importance of Expected Cut Offs

Knowing and referring to SBI PO expected cut off assists you in the following manner:

Enlightens Aspirants

Knowledge of an expected cut off score gives you clarity on the minimum marks you require to clear every stage of this competitive exam. Since the examination comprises three rounds, your aim should be to exceed stage-wise cut-offs and better your chances at the final selection. 

Unless you know what is expected from you as an aspirant, you cannot strive to achieve your ultimate goal. Hence, refer to all the resources at your disposal to update yourself on the expected cut-offs.

Acts As a Motivating Benchmark

The projected cut-offs place a target before you and motivate you to meet, if not exceed, the minimum benchmark. Set a feasible target score that exceeds this yardstick and work towards achieving your goal. 

If you miss reaching your target, you can at least hope to be at par with the benchmark set by the SBI authorities. Without a clear vision, you weaken your chances at qualifying for the coveted post of PO.

Facilitates Effective Preparation

Having a workable strategy in place enables you to brighten your prospects. To crack the SBI PO exam, you must effectively prepare for it by working smartly. Despite the hours you devote to prepare for this test, the end result decides your future. Strategize well and make your preparation eventually deliver a desirable outcome.

Provides a Comparative Study

When you know the current year’s expected cut-offs, you can compare it to previous years to obtain further clarity. Such a comparative study helps you assess how the scores vary with each subsequent year.

An upward trend in cut-off marks indicates that the competition is getting tighter, and correspondingly, the difficulty level is increasing. Assessing these parameters prepares you for the tough challenge ahead and compels you to give the exam your best.

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