How Machine Tool Processes Depend on Creative Enablers


Machine tools have seen a great deal of innovation over the past few years which covers newer devices for holding, cutting, bending, moving, and inspecting workpieces. This need came about from the challenges that the industry was facing on a whole such as materials being harder, workpieces being bigger, thinner, heavier, or lighter. In such scenarios, the traditional material removal process seems obsolete, generating heat and force that needs to be accounted for when it comes to the quality of the resulting workpiece.

The following are some innovations that carbide cutting tools manufacturers and solid carbide cutting tools manufacturers have come up with over the years:

1. Low profile pivoting edge clamp

This tool by Carr Lane has a replaceable gripper and is suited for holding castings ranging from medium to large, alongside moderate to tall workpieces. The pivoting jaws exert a clamping force forward and downward at the same with the addition that the jaw has a replaceable serrated gripper which is made of hardened tool steel allowing for high-production durability. The slotted base provides adjustability as the tapered top surface prevents the clamp from moving.

2. Expanded JCT tool holder series

Excellent chip control and wear prevention are made possible with the help of Kyocera precision tools that make use of high-pressure coolant streams at precise locations allowing for maximum efficiency. The large JCT-Series lineup has several inch size holders that are designed for several applications such as turning, grooving, cut-off, and threading applications.

3. Diamond turning inserts

Carmex Precision tools specialize in tools for thread turning as well as milling. The product line includes mill thread inserts and tool holders, mill-thread solid-carbide, and spiral mill thread tools. Additionally, grooving tools, mini chamfer mills, and, boring bars for threading, turning, and grooving are also available. The company introduced new diamond turning inserts with greater efficiency in machining hard materials faster, thereby achieving higher productivity. Diamond PCBN inserts deliver high-precision performance offering an excellent surface finish in hard or difficult to machine applications including hardened and heat-treated steels.

4. Modular machine fixturing

Bluco, Naperville has pioneered modular fixturing for applications such as machining, welding, and inspection. Typical applications include the positioning of basic workstations, welding tables, robotic welding fixtures, and so on. With the help of a modular kit, the positioners can be combined to hold multiple parts together. the positioners allow 360-degree rotation of parts to eliminate heavy lifting allowing for more comfortable welding which is compatible with 400+ modular components.

Carbide is known to be the best material for cutting tools in the industry which is why they have critical acclaim over the past few years. Sun coast tools is a leading solid carbide cutting tools manufacturer and should be your go-to stop for anything cutting tool-related! There are many benefits of using these tools, particularly resistance to abrasion, resistance to wear, resistance to cratering, and compressive strength. Please visit here for more info:

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