Travel Detangling Brush Tips and Tricks for Messy Hair


How can a travel detangling brush help you with your mop? Whether you are traveling or sitting around the house, having a tangled mess of hair can be aggravating. If you are one of the types of people that gets tangles easily you are familiar with the constant care that goes into keeping things smooth on top. You may already have a few tricks up your sleeve for staying detangled, but there’s always room for more hair care secrets that can save big headaches.

How Does Tangling Happen?

If you have constant trouble with tangling it might be a good idea to understand why your hair is tangling. It could be a number of reasons, but the most common ones are:

  • Damaged cuticles
  • Broken hair
  • Split ends
  • Dried out

The cuticle is the part of the hair that covers and protects the shaft and the cells below. It has layers on it that are kind of like scales. When the cuticle is damaged from heat or other sources the layers open up and grab the layers of other hairs kind of like velcro. Once the hairs attach to each other it causes nasty tangles that are difficult to remove.

Broken hair is a sign that you may have over-processed your hair with heat, dyes, or chemicals. This can cause mass tangling problems as well.

Split ends at the top are a problem as well. This is when the hair has tips that go in different directions and grab other hair.

Dried out hair causes frizziness and other problems. If you have naturally curly hair to begin with tangling and unruliness can get much worse when there is a lack of hydration. 

How to Brush Tangles Out

The first rule of thumb here is to be gentle. Never jam a brush or a comb in front of the tangle and force your way through it. This will cause breakage. A high-quality detangling brush is made with bristles that are specially designed to gently separate the hair without breaking it. However, if you forcefully rip any brush through a tangle you can cause damage. So, be gentle and kind to your tangles. Use your fingers first to get an idea of how badly tangled the mess is. It can be very frustrating when there is a bad tangle but just relax, take a deep breath and slow down.

Try an Essential Oil

Some people are sensitive to different oils. Get to know an oil that works best for you. Some people using regular vegetable oil, some use olive or avocado oils. Other people use whatever their favorite essential oil is. The one that is going to work best for you put it on your fingers as you work your way through the tangle. The oil helps to moisturize and soften the hair making it slippery and easier to separate from other hair. If you don’t like the idea of putting oil in your hair, you can try a high-quality leave-in detangler like Milk for Hair.

Gently Apply the Detangling Brush

Once you get your fingers through the tangle and have the situation under control, slip a brush in and ease the bristles into place. You can slowly, and methodically use these soft bristles to loosen and manipulate the hair as you separate and smooth it out. With a little bit of patience and perseverance, you will successfully detangle your gorgeous hair and move on with your life.

Hair Care with Milk + Sass

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