What Is Addiction, Tolerance, And Dependence 


When it comes to understanding substance abuse, one should understand that different terms are quite different from one another. Getting complete knowledge about these terms is the best way of finding all the required support to help one that has fallen into the clutches of addiction.

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Addiction, Tolerance, and Dependence

These are the terms that are used to explain the steps of addiction to any illegal substance. Here is some explanation of all three terms.

·         Tolerance

Tolerance is something that is developed by the body because of the constant usage of any substance for a longer period. This is the condition where the body becomes quite used to any substance, which is provided to it for a longer time. The effects of tolerance will lead to an increase in the consumption of the substance.

·         Dependence

Dependence is the condition where the body craves any substance, and will show some effects when that substance is not provided to it. The same goes for illegal substance usage too. The body will even make your mind feel that you cannot function properly without the supply of the substance.

·         Addiction

Addiction is a condition where the body fails to understand to function properly without the supply of the drug or alcohol that it craves very strongly. The stop in the supply of this substance will lead to showing some negative symptoms.

These three terms directly involve when explaining the substance abuse or alcoholism as well.

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