A Guide to Tables for Every Room in Your Home


Tables are an essential type of furniture you need for your home. They have high functionality in creating an excellent space to keep your things, and they’re also often the centrepiece of a room. If they’re not the centrepiece, they still contribute much to the overall interior design of the space. Therefore, choosing the right type of table for each room is essential. Here are the types of tables you can get for every kind of room in your home so you know where to put your side table from Singapore.

Dining Room

When you hear the word ‘table’, you’ll likely think of your dining room first. After all, the room’s centrepiece is your dining table, where you, family members, and guests can gather, eat, and mingle. When choosing the best dining table for your home, consider how many people will usually be available to use it at one given point. If you live alone and don’t expect many guests, you can get away with a small coffee table from Singapore as your dining table.

Alternatively, If you don’t have enough space for a formal dining room, don’t fret. Instead, you can put a bar table in your kitchen. It also functions as a way to block off your kitchen from the rest of the house if it doesn’t have its own room. You can get around two or three bar chairs for your bar table since that’s the typical amount of people it can hold.


Your bedroom has two tables it can benefit from, depending on your needs. Firstly, you’ll need a side table from Singapore beside your bed. This space is perfect for placing essentials you don’t want to lose, such as your phone, keys, journal, chargers, and more. You can also keep a water bottle there overnight if you wake up thirsty.

The second table you may need is a vanity table from Singapore. A vanity is perfect for storing makeup and accessories such as necklaces, bracelets, and rings. It also serves as a place to touch up your look as you prepare for the day. If you’re the type to wear makeup or accessories, a vanity is a must for your bedroom.

Living Room

When it comes to your living room, the most classic setup is by placing a coffee table from Singapore in between your couch and your TV. A coffee table is an excellent decoration for the living room, and you can add additional decorations to it, such as a potted plant. Many coffee tables have space under it that helps store books, CDs, media players, and more.

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