What is the best fundraiser for cheerleaders?


Raising funds for your school is one way to show continuous support for your school. There are tons of fundraising options, but what is the best fundraiser for cheerleaders?

  • Cheerleading is a perfect way to boost team spirit
  • Cheerleading can create friends
  • Cheerleading can attract sponsorship
  • Cheerleading can generate lots of supporters because you serve as their representative

Planning a cheerleading fundraising activity must be plain and simple. However, you can create ideas and put some unique twists. For instance, you can raise some funds using cheerleaders healthy eating cookbooks or cheerleader’s daily workout plan tips for everybody.  For the best fundraising ideas, check out Fundraising Zone.

In this article, we are going to discuss different kinds of fundraising ideas using cheerleading. It’s going to be fun and exciting, so without further ado, let’s begin!

Fundraising Ideas Using Cheerleading

One effective way to have a successful fundraising event is by wearing cheerleading uniforms. It’s a simple trick that can grab people’s attention and can draw lots of monetary funds for your organization.

  • Cheerleaders Car Wash Activity

A car wash is a simple yet effective fundraiser event. It is a sure way to get enough funds for your school. There are three things you need to consider before you perform car wash activities: venue, equipment, and workforce.

  • Setting up the venue

The choice for the proper place depends on your target customer. Whether you are targeting passer-by customers or customers who are willing to drive their car to a specific location.

Here are some locations for your car wash event:

  • School car park
  • School open field
  • School entrance

To make this event even more interesting, you can set up a cheerleading-themed car wash event. You can do a regular car wash routine and, at the same time, execute a cheerleading dance performance. It provides full-packed entertainment for the guest. Lastly, it’s a sure way to collect additional funds for your school.

  • Equipment you need

To set up your cash wash activity, the equipment you will need are:

  • Hosepipe
  • Clean cloth
  • Bucket
  • Car shampoo
  • Water

Make sure that the water supply is sufficient enough for the event to work precisely.

  • Workforce

Organize a group of students who can perform car wash activities and don’t mind getting wet. To put a little twist in your action, you can tell the students to wear a cheerleading outfit. This trick can attract lots of potential customers.

  1. Kids Cheerleading Party

Kids cheerleading party is a type of fundraising idea that is similar to other entertainment activities such as stand-up comedians or a clown performance. However, you will assign a cheerleader to start up this party.

Generally, this kind of fundraising event is intended for senior squad members. You can set up the kids cheerleading party event anywhere to your friends and family houses.

To start this event. What you will need is:

  • A cheerleading uniform so you can have a unique theme.
  • A portable radio to generate music to make the party event fun and lively
  • A whistle to maintain a proper and organize an activity
  • A finale that will end up your daily activity

The main objective of these events is to make the entire party lively. At the end of the party, you need to raise a simple chant to boost the happiness of the birthday girl.

You can raise funds by offering a direct service to the customer. An hour of cheerleading activity is worth the same as renting a puppet or magic show in any event. Also, you can add some non-profit funds by selling cheerleading stuff like hair bows and party bags.

Just make sure to inform your customers that your fundraising act is intended for a non-profit organization and not for yourself.

  1. Cheerleading Cookbook that Promotes Wellness

Most of the cheerleaders are known to be fit physically and mentally. Why don’t you take this opportunity to create a recipe cookbook from your cheerleading team? One great thing about this cookbook is that it involves contribution directly to your organization. 

Also, a cheerleading cookbook can help you to strengthen the relationship between your school association and the entire community. You can share the secret behind your cheerleader’s wellness to everyone.

Some companies are specialized in publishing a charity cookbook. You can seek help from them to produce an excellent looking cookbook.

These recipe cookbooks are a win-win situation. You can help the community to achieve a healthy lifestyle, and you can raise funds for your school.

Final Thoughts

Cheerleading fundraising activities can raise lots of positive characteristics. Give your team a try and start making fundraising events that can benefit everyone.

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