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Save the date cards are intended to let your guests know well in advance which date they should keep free for the wedding. We explain what save the date cards are, whether you need them, who you can send them to and when you should do that.

What Is A Save the Date Card?

Save the date cards are a first announcement of the wedding, so your guests know well in advance which date to keep in their agenda. It is an invitation that you send as soon as the wedding date is known. Your guests can already keep the day of the wedding free. Choosing the unique save the dates can really be useful there.

A save the date card is an announcement of the wedding, mainly intended to announce the official wedding date so that guests can already reserve the date and keep it free in their agenda. And that’s a good thing in a time when everyone is always busy. They are also very useful for family and friends who live abroad.

What Is The Difference Between Save The Date Card And A Wedding Invitation?

A wedding invitation or wedding announcement contains all the information about your wedding in detail. Think of the locations, the times of the ceremony, the dinner and the reception and a theme. With a save the date card you only let us know that you are getting married and when that is. Optionally, you can even send the save the date cards by e-mail, something that is absolutely not done with wedding invitations.

Do You Need Save The Date Tickets?

You do not necessarily need a save the date card, but it is useful if, for example, you are getting married abroad, the wedding is spread over several days or if you are getting married in the middle of a holiday period. It is also best to announce a wedding day in the busy month of May with a save the date card.

If you have sent a save the date card, the invitees can plan a day off. This way you can be sure that all your guests are present at your wedding. A save the date card also fits well into the perfect picture of a beautiful wedding day, so reward yourself with the anticipation and make a save the date card right away.

Who Do You Send Save The Date Cards To?

If you want to keep it easy, send the save the date card to all day and evening guests. You do not have to send reception guests a save the date card. If you also state on the card that part of the day must keep the invitees free, then you will have to send several save the date cards. Using the transparent save the date may work perfectly there.

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