Image SEO Tips to Know


Images on your website are just as important as the text on your website. Most people mistake focusing on the text and using any other image they can find for the website. The top SEO company will help you understand the top SEO tips. Here are a few SEO tips for the images on your website. 

Treat the text and image in the same way.

Using text and images correctly and adequately in the post is important as these elements add dimension and density to the websites. The image usually aids the visual senses and is often considered more impactful for customer attraction and engagement, and this helps customers stay glued to your website. 

You need to select the right image for your article so that SEO can track the search more efficiently and mobilize audience and traffic to your website. This can help you to better optimize your posts. The higher your posts are ranked, the better it is. Only the top Digital Marketing Company in Delhi will help you understand the advantage of this.

Keep only the right images

Using the right image for your online content is extremely crucial. People are often attracted to your website with the kind of pictures and infographics you use on the website, and this makes your website look more interactive and increases engagements and reach. 

Design the layout in a way that things look symmetric and geometric throughout the webpage. This makes the website look organized and clean. Make sure to use at least one photo for each set of information. This way, you can create a proper gallery on your website. Also, make sure to not unnecessarily overcrowd the webpage with times of images, and that will only cause the audience to feel overruled by pictures and not in the right way. Take help of web design company, if you don’t have proper skill.

The editing of the image

When picking an image for your website, there are a few things that you must always keep in your head. The image should have no watermark unless it is yours or you have rights for that image. There must not be any unnecessary text in the image; it should only be visual. 

The formatting and scaling of the picture should be done according to the website’s layout and theme. Try to follow the same color scheme for your text and images. Lastly, try to keep the image and the text as compact as possible. 

Use captions

To make your images completely optimized for SEO, captions need to be on point. These captions are often the keywords that boost the traffic on your website and increase the ranking of your website. Keep the captions simple and catchy; these can be anything from describing what is there in the photo to any online trend that is going on right now. Make sure to highlight these captions to have the maximum impact on the user. 

Image sitemaps and other elements

An image sitemap means a map of all the images on your website, and it makes it easier for both the user and the search engine to navigate through your website and all the images in it. You could either create an entire sitemap for your images, but you could also add your images to the present sitemap. 

You could do it with several plug-ins that are easy to use. In addition to sitemaps, you could also optimize your images by adding their captions or other related phrases to the URL of your website or of that specific page. Using social media tags on your image also helps you with your SEO rankings. 

There are a million ways in which you can optimize the images on your website, including the formatting, the quality, the captions, and the tags. There are so many factors that it is easy to miss one or more, but everything falls into place eventually.

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