Is Au Gratin Potatoes Usually Baked? 


This special dish is usually baked in the oven to achieve its desired texture and taste. You cannot cook potatoes au gratin in boiling water or microwave it. It has to be oven-baked. The method of making this special dish requires baking just like one is baking cake. Although the cake does not have salt or pepper in it after mixing, it is usually watery and creamy if it is a vanilla cake or chocolate cake. All this stops once it is placed in the oven because the ingredients that make the cake watery looking have been baked. 

Anyone who tells you that you can make your potatoes au gratin by grilling is lying to you. This creamy-filled potato drenched in cheese cannot be barbecued or baked using a microwave. The way and manner of preparing this recipe make it one of the potato recipes that takes time to heat up or get completely baked. You cannot compare this recipe with baking few potatoes in the microwave. With the way the ingredients are arranged and being cut into thin slices, it takes more time and more quantity of potatoes which will require more power when heating up this recipe. This recipe requires lots of liquid because the butter needs to be melted and mixed well with flour, the milk has to be dissolved and added to the sauce. The salt pepper and others are also added and mixed well. You can also decide to add your broth to this mix. 

Seeing all the ingredients above, you can also confirm that it has lots of liquid in it. I remember one time I was baking cake and did not add enough flour to the mix, I ended up spending more time trying to make sure that the cake bakes well. It was time taking and I had to carefully check through from time to time. That experience made me very careful whenever I want to bake a cake because I knew that any mistake will cost me time which may not be readily available.  Whenever you want to make your potatoes au gratin, you have to remember that you cannot make use of any other method but the baking method in which the potato mixture can be covered to speed up the baking process. Opening the potato mix while baking works just fine but takes a little bit of time. The oven method is the fastest method and only method of preparing this delicious potato. 

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