Things to Consider When Decorating Your Bathroom


One of your most beautifully decorated rooms can be the bathroom, whether you’re going for a spa-like retreat or a more understated powder room vibe. If your bathroom’s layout has been an afterthought so far, now is the time to start planning. One of the best methods to increase the value of a property and improve its livability is to renovate the bathroom.

Here are some things to think about if you plan on renovating your bathroom soon.

One of the important things to consider is the bathroom’s lighting as it is a critical design and practical element. If you want to switch up your vanity lighting, installing sconces on either side of the mirror is a terrific idea. Try using LED lighting in your mirrors too.

Another thing to remember is avoiding casual clutter. Don’t add too many commonplace items to your bathroom. Rather, focus on the room itself. With careful planning, even the smallest of bathrooms may be transformed into a relaxing retreat. Make good use of the area you have by implementing space-saving design.

One of the things that can maximize space is constant maintenance and organization. Towels left moist on the floor or counter tops piled high with toiletries are not just an eyesore but also a health hazard.

If you’re short on square footage, stackable floating shelves are a terrific solution. Moreover, if you want to maintain your bathroom neat and tidy without breaking the bank, vertical shelving is the way to go. Consider storing products that aren’t frequently used elsewhere. Towels and cosmetics can be safely stored away in separate locations.

A led mirror or other floating vanity accessory may also do wonders for the visual appeal and sense of space in your lavatory.

You may give your bathroom a new lease of life without performing a full remodel. Most of these essentials can be made temporarily, making them suitable for both homeowners and renters.This infographic by Remer provides further explanation of the various factors to consider while designing a bathroom.


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