The Side Effects of Laser Eye Treatments


Laser treatments are effective procedures that can be used to correct a patient’s vision. While laser eye treatments are safe when performed correctly, side effects may occur in some patients. These can typically be treated quickly with antibiotics or advanced surgery.

Laser Treatments Side Effects

Patients may experience some of these common side effects of laser treatments:

  • Temporary Discomfort and Disturbances: Typically occurring less than six months after the treatment is complete, patients may have hazy vision.

Some patients report seeing halos when driving at night. It is possible to develop light sensitivity.

  • Flap Complications: Laser treatments, such as LASIK, cut a flap on the surface of the cornea. The flap is then lifted to allow the surgeon to reshape the cornea. Flap complications can occur when the natural bandage is replaced.
  • Dry Eyes: When laser treatments are performed, patients typically experience decreased tea production. This results in eye irritation and blurry vision.

Dry eyes can be corrected with eye drops, which lubricate the eyes. As the eyes continue to heal from the produce, dry eye syndrome decreases.

  • Under correction, Overcorrection, or Regression: A possible long-term side effect, patients may not achieve the 20:20 vision they desire.

Laser treatments may remove too much or too little of the cornea, which can under or over correct the eye.

Some patients may have optical results after the surgery, but then regress over time due to the eye over-healing after the procedure.

  • Eye Infection: Eye infections are the rarest side effects to laser treatments. These typically do not occur during the surgery, but rather after the bandage is applied on the flap.

The use of a natural bandage can significantly decrease the risk of eye infections because it creates a sterile environment and promotes proper healing.

Your eye surgeon should cover each of these risks while going over your options for laser treatments.

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