Yamaha Yzf R15 – Why you should buy it?



The perception of entire 150cc motorcycles is changed by the Yamaha YZF R15 model. This agile and fast model offers flawless performance, superior design, advanced engineering, and modern features. In 2011, the earlier version V2.0 offers the best appearing features and also fatter tires. The Superior Deltabox frame will offer superb brakes and brilliant handling characteristics to ensure the rider’s confidence.

The R15 model offers the lightweight body and makes its nippy handler for entire & different riding styles. The competitors across the marketplace are cheaper Suzuki Gixxer, Pulsar 200RS or 200NS, or even the Duke KTM 2000.

Transmission & Engine

The 150CC advanced engine can deliver better linear power with the help of 4 values. With the assistance of a liquid-cooled engine, it can produce a peak torque of 15Nm and a maximum power of 16.7 bhp. The engine is created with TCI ignition and also fuel injection.

The engine of the bike is mated with manual transmission of precise 6-speed to offer the best output. You can have a completely enjoyable ride with this fancy motorcycle. The excellent fueling will ensure the smooth response and thrash around the tight bends.

Premium Look

The Yamaha YZF R15 V3.0 will offer complete cosmetic overhaul with a new design and inspired by earlier variants such as R1 and R6. The R-series design is dubbed with the R15 features of the third-generation to offer floating panels and sharp cuts. The tail section is more particularly the same when compared to larger Yamahas that comes with the floating panels. It has a larger windscreen to enable the better tuck for the rider. Overall, they come with a bigger bike when compared with its predecessor: 65mm taller, 55mm wider, and 20mm longer.

Handling & Performance

The Yamaha YZF R15 will have a wonder Deltabox frame. Handling is surefooted and precise. The special mention is deserved with the brakes to perform the high-class effort. It has a sharp bite and also very progressive. The brake and chassis setup will assist to handle more acceleration to achieve from the 150CC engine.

The rear-side suspension is linked with monocross and the front-side suspension is telescopic. Yamaha had increased the width of a rear-side tire with responses from numerous customers. The R15 designed with MRF Zappers will offer a better grip and softer compound on most surfaces. The wider tire will offer more grip and nippy handling.


From the starters, it comes with tail lamps and as well as LED headlamps. It includes the instrument console with full digital and not the standard information such as fuel level, engine RPM, and speed, it also displays average and instantaneous fuel consumption data. It is also possible to utilize the USB port fro the list of available Yamaha’s accessories.

Fun to Ride

The Yamaha YZF R15 will offer sharper dynamics and also a serious performer. The bike can be easier to maneuver within the city traffic with lightweight front end and sharp steering to make twisty sections. Not required to bother about crosswinds and offer high stability on the highways. It includes the option of an M5 radial tire with Metzeler Sportec for road use and also works better with the setup of stock MRF Zapper.

Ergonomics & Ride Quality

Most of them will prefer to like the bike’s quality ride. It doesn’t include the stiff suspension as we thought. Better than expected it absorbs the broken tarmac and bumps of usual roads. Is it possible to have long hours to ride on the bike? Yes, it is possible if you have a solid wrist and strong core. The R15 V3.0 bike’s riding posture will be even more committed by utilizing the 15 mm increased seat height and as well as the handlebars with clip are being lowered when compared to the earlier variants.

Many users reported that their wrists will hurt more while riding the bike for more substantial mileage. It is not either about the epitome of fitness and this question is getting used by others. If you are having daily long commute during the summer months then it could drain you out.

Yamaha Yzf R15 Price

The V3.0 of Yamaha YZF R15 Price in India is currently set at Rs. 1.27 lakh (excluding the Delhi showroom price) and at present, there is no direct competition. The V3 Racing Blue model has priced in India at Rs 1.41 lakh (excluding the showroom price).

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