The game before Independence


The type of lottery or gambling involves betting on the closing and opening rates of cotton that was transmitted from the New York Cotton Exchange is primarily known as Satta.  Satta came into existence before the independence of India and is played worldwide. Satta game is about numbers, the number ranging from 1 to 100, the luckiest number is the winner and the one betting on it gets the entire sum of amount. There are various forms of Satta played, the modernization of technology also involves the Satta gaming online, where people bet and receive the money online. Some of them are Satta Matka, Satta King Etc.

Satta King: Satta King is the lottery and drawing-based game, it is a renowned gambling, people have preferred Satta king a lot, the game has been marking its name globally, and people across the globe are crazy about the game and get indulged in playing the game immensely. 

Following the rule: the game being preferred widely and been renowned all over however has failed to fulfill many legal rules and law, the game is, however, illegal also the ones similar to the game is considered illegal and is prohibited as the game has remained unsuccessful in following the rules and protocols.

Still in practice: the game being considered illegal is however still played by people across the globe, individuals, therefore, tend to rely on the game and are still actively participating in the game, they have been playing the game in QT, individuals find it difficult to ignore the game and not take part in it.

What does Satta Number mean?

The lucky winner: It is a type of game where one number earns out of the innumerable declared numbers, For instance, if you have ten numbers and you play the Satta keeping any one of your number, any random number is chosen from the following numbers present, the number chosen is the winner of the process who takes the entire amount played as Satta including his/hers. This is how Satta is played and the game has solely one winner. The game can be played with or without the investment of money.

Is Satta played everywhere?

The game is fun to play unless people don’t start taking it as a source of earning. Satta is a ban in many countries as the number of crimes due to the playing of such games has been increasing tremendously. People have reported assaults, cheating, betrayal and many harsh reports against the same. People get so much involved in the game that they start believing the fame as a way to solve their problems and issues. Satta, therefore, becomes habit of some and they eventually ruin their families for the sake of betting for money. The healthy playing of the game is right, people, therefore, earn from the game. The game is also played on occasions with family for fun.

Participating in such games, however, is not a bad option unless you take the game as a sport and not get too much involved in playing the game. Healthy playing is always appreciated. To keep such games away from children is however appreciated; they might not get involved in such betting. Playing and enjoying with friends on special occasions is right but gaming should not be a habit. Play healthy and stay healthy.


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